Remove Comment Author’s Link of WordPress without any plugin

Need to remove author’s web link from wordpress? It is not easy to remove that link and I found no plug in to remove author’s web link of wordpress. But I have done it without the help of any wordpress plug in. So, let us discuss about the way of removing author’s web link automatically…..

You need to change some code from a php file of wordpress. Go to wordpress installation directory/folder using ftp or file manager of your cPanel.  Then open the wp-includes directory/folder. Now  locate the file called comment-template.php and download it. Make sure to make a backup of this file, I mean create a copy of this file to make sure you can upload a working copy in case you mess up.

Open the file with any code editor like Adobe Dreamweaver or notepad. Now in the file around line 147 ( wordpress Version 3.0.1 ) you would locate a function called as get_comment_author_link( $comment_ID = 0 ) . The line number might vary for wordpress versions, but the code within the function is the same. Now, we are going to modify the function to remove author’s link.


$return = "<a href='$url' rel='external nofollow' class='url'>$author</a>";

It is around line 154 to 155.  Now replace the line

$return = "<a href='$url' rel='external nofollow'  class='url'>$author</a>";


$return = $author;

Save the file and upload in the same directory. Try whether it is working or not!


10 thoughts on “Remove Comment Author’s Link of WordPress without any plugin”

  1. I was looking for how do I remove comment’s author link. And it is on your site. It’s working good in the latest version of wordpress. I’m Waiting for your next wordpress tips. Thanks.

  2. It’s really nice manuall way to remove comment author url from wordpress. Do you please help us to make a post no “how to remove url/link from comment ” . Thanks.

  3. Hi author! I’m Jarg bon from canada. Your tips really working on wordpress 3.0.2 . Thanks. I’m waiting for more wordpress tutorial from you and subscribed for the next comment. Thanks again.

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