Why and how to make a strong password?

Nowadays, password (sometimes called passcode) is a common thing in the world as it is related to the modern technology. Everyday we use net, social network site, a lot of web applications like email, webblog etc. Most of the website and web based application provider required registered user. And we register using our email with username and password. They offer all thing under registered account. Facebook, twitter, freelancer etc. To protect that accounts, we need to use password. But, most of us using an easy password like phone number, card number, easy words like mylove, or the name of their dearest one and fall under hacking as all that password are easy to guess by others.

So, we need to make our password strong to protect from others. Well, let us see how to create a strong password

1. A strong password should be contain 10 character or more.
2. A strong password should not be a phone number, card number, roll number or bank account number or anything like that.
3. It should not be only number or character.
4. It should be case sensitive i.e use both upper case and lower case character (ASD  asd).
5. Use at-least 1 special character like @, &, $, %, ~ etc.
There are some strong passwords
?2DonoW?!; etc.

Hope you understand that how to make a strong password!

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