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Warid telecommunication system Bangladesh offer a new Internet Package known as p10 i.e package ten.  Get 1GB Internet access for two days in every week and you have to pay only BDT 38 including vat and sms charge. These lucky days of the week are Friday and Saturday. To use this  offer properly, you need to access internet with Computer. And now we are going to know the Internet configuration system in Computer. To use Dial up internet you need to make a dialer. If you use Nokia phone as a modem, install Nokia PC Suite and go to   Connect to the internet. Now choose settings and then click to next. Now choose ‘Configure the connection manually’ and put the Access Point name as ‘internet‘ (small letter) and then choose Finish.

You can also make a dialer settings manually. Just use ISP name as ‘internet’ and dialer number as ‘*90#‘. To activate warid p10 package, type p10 on your massage option and sms it to 5000. If you need to know how to make an Internet Dialer manually, follow this link. So friends, enjoy warid internet in your personal computer.

Note: Warid automatically sends mobile internet configuration. So, to take internet settings to mobile phone, just open the warid sim to any internet enabled Mobile  phone.

on 01-01-2011

Warid is now Aritel and here is the airtel internet configuration

12 thoughts on “Warid Internet Configuration for PC”

  1. Thanks to share this article. But is warid p10 unlimited? I think it could be 1GB. Actually I’m also confused about that. I think you will inform more about that. Thanks…

  2. First of all its 1GB that is approximately 900MB[if you look it at the normal way internet works,100MB up(query) and 900MB down[data]) and the time limit is Thursday Night 1:00AM to Saturday night 11:58AM. But people honestly its just a useless package,don’t dream butterflies yet,registered yesterday,till today only managed to download 1MB so far,web pages will take forever to load,well actually never loads,way too slow,speed test suggest max speed goes to 3.9KB/s kind of old age dialup. I mean c’mon what did you expect? 1 GB 38buck!! Heck the cheapest is 310bucks(aktel) if in terms of limited. Now don’t get me wrong,I am blessed with owning multi operator internet packages,so I immediately switched my sim to GP,pages were fast loading and download speed was fine(31KB/s),switched on aktel everything was fine again,pages loaded and downloads working,switched to teletalk,same again everything fine,switched to banglalink unlimited(700bucks) fine again,now switched back to warid,hell again,pages won’t even load keep aside the hopes of download. I am not like anti-warid,to be honest I use warid only for voicecall(cheapest voicecall rate if you didn’t know yet,much cheaper than gp aktel banglalink,but teletalk can be a competitor) and others for internet,but their internet is plain cheating,all the 38bucks gone to waste,still today now(11:30)am my warid is on in my laptop and wanted to load dotsis[dot]com,I set it before starting to read this post and now when am done with the comment the page is still loading,my firefox is showing only transferring page,where as with other ones it just loads pages withing 1 to 3 seconds!

    So people if you are really adventurous you might want to try warid p10 and see what I mean but if you are in real need of internet I suggest go with GP for best speed,Banglalink for best value of price.


  3. But I think its warid’s play,as on other days the speed lifts to 18KB/s or even more,but from Thursday night to Sunday morning the speed is completely useless. This is just my opinion though. Others might experience difference…

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