View local language like Bangla with opera mini


Internet user increasing day by day. Now a days many of them using Mobile Phone to browse internet. And Opera Mini is a most popular mobile internet browsing application. But some of them face a problem to view their local language like bangle ( bangla) in opera mini. It is possible to view local language like bangla with opera mini. Just you need to configure the settings of opera mini. But how? Well, run the application and go to settings (Menu>Tools>Settings). Now set it as mobile view and make the font size as Large (It may not impotent) and then save it. Now write  about:config in the address bar(Menu>Enter Address)   and then enter. Power-User Settings will open on your mobile browser. Choose yes from the User bitmap fonts for complex scripts option and then save it. Now open any Unicode supported site with your local language. For example visit and I think you will help you to view your language. OK then, enjoy your opera with your own language.

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