Video Tutorial to add Font in Menubar or Toolbar

Hay Friends, few days before I was write about how to add font in menu bar or toolbar of Microsoft Office word program. I have prepare a video tutorial of that and attached here below. Here I have shown all steps to add a font on menu bar of MS Word.  Hope you will enjoy the video tutorial. very simple!

If you got any problem to see the video tutorial or not able to see it, you may see text based tutorial to add font in menbar or toolbar.

Also if you don’t understand, please feel free to add a comment below and I will answer you to solve that. So.. Keep writing …


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  1. When Microsoft introduced Office 2007, users suddenly faced with a new kind of user interface – the toolbars and menus known from the previous versions of Office (in fact: all previous versions of Windows!) where gone and replaced by the Ribbon.

    The Ribbon is a huge change – not only for the end user but also for the developers writing Windows applications. Microsoft characterizes the Ribbon as

    “the modern way to help users find, understand, and use commands efficiently and directly – with a minimum number of clicks, with less need to resort to trial-and-error, and without having to refer to Help.”

    Microsoft User Experience Interaction Guidelines
    for Windows 7 and Windows Vista

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