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Hello everybody and welcome to Shariarbd.com,  Today I will share a technique to convert some text written in Unicode by Avra Key Board or any Unicode Bangla. We will convert that text into Bijoy, sutonyMJ. And some people will think, oh there is an online converter that convert Unicode to Bijoy! Yes, but to use that you need to be online and avr0 is a offline application. That means, you can convert avra Unicode text without internet connection. Before starting, we will know little about Avro KeyBoard. 

Don’t ask me what is Avro, you already know that this is a Writing Key Board layout for Computer. And you may know that it’s totally free of cost and used to write Bangla all over the world who works on web media.  Avro is a product of Omicron Lab and this keyboard supports, Linux, Windows and Mac operating system. You will also have a portable version.

And if you want to know how to write Bangla in Bijoy have a look on How to write Bangla with Bijoy Keyboard

How to Open Unicode to Bijoy Text Converter

Well, Let’s began, See the following Image to open the Unicode to Bijoy Text Converter of Avro Keyboard

Open Avra Unicode to Bijoy Text Converter
Figure 1: Open Avro Unicode to Bijoy Text Converter

After Click, you will get following.

Avra Unicode to Bijoy Converter
Figure 2: Avro Unicode to Bijoy Converter

If you don’t found the Avra icon (Figure 1) on your taskpan, your keyboard options looks like following

Avro Keyboard bar view

If you want to let it go to task pan/system tray, click to the last icon of the bar and you will get a option Jump to system tray. And then you can follow the step shown of figure 1. or you may follow the following step to open the Converter.

Open Unicode to Bijoy Converter from Bar View
Open Unicode to Bijoy Converter from Bar View

So, now we will see how to convert Unicode of Phonetic text into Bijoy format

How to Convert Text

Write something on the upper box in Unicode Bangla and then click to Convert to Bijoy encoding >> button and it will convert into Bijoy encoding. You can copy any Unicode text and paste in into here and also can convert them. In my case, I have putted some text shown in Below image also see the converted text.

Finlay Convert Unicode Text using Avro Unicode to Bijoy Text Converter

Now copy the text from the below box of the converter tool and paste it into a word document. And first time it will show like below image

Converted Text in Word Document
Converted Text in Word Document

Its because the font is not yet set for this text. Select all text and change the font into sutonnyMJ or other Bijoy font and it will be okay to use.

After Setting SutonnyMJ Bijoy Font
After Setting SutonnyMJ Bijoy Font

Check out the post How to write Bangla with Bijoy Keyboard to get the tutorials to install font for Bijoy if you don’t know.  So, that’s it for today. Now you are ready to convert Unicode text by using avro to bijoy converter.

Video tutorial of how to convert the Unicode text into Bijoy

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26 thoughts on “Unicode Avro to Bijoy Converter – Avro Keyboard text Converter Tools”

  1. I have seen a tool like this on a website and that works perfectly. But yes, your tricks is also important as it works without internet connection. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Dear, Mr Shahriar
    thank you so much for the kind assistance.
    unfortunately, I got another type problems regarding convertion, Such as:
    1. Bullet point or numbering
    2. Spelling error (Jukto borno likhar somoy)

    when, i want to correct them again, i have to write in Avro and i convert it too) How can i resolve this problem?

    Thanks in Advance

  3. Dear, Mr Shahriar,

    I m very much familiar with bijoy keyboard for typing but in Facebook I’ve to use Avro. As far as I know, there is somehow a tricks that even in FB I can use bijoy for typing but in Avro.

    Can u help if you’ve any better idea.


    1. Hello Mr. Razib,
      As I guess, you use Avro for facebook as it support Unicode. But Bijoy also support Unicode. You will find Unicode option on the latest Bijoy Key Board.
      You may also get almost bijoy layout on old Avro keyboard. It was may be version 4.5.
      Thanks 🙂

  4. ভাই আপনি ঠিকঠাক মত দেখেছেন তো? যদি দেখে থাকেন তাহলে বাংলাদেশের জাতীয় সংগীতটি লিখে সেটা বিজয়ে কনভার্ট করুন তো? তারপর সেটা ওয়ার্ডে পেষ্ট করে দেখুন।

    1. ধন্যবাদ আপনার মতামতের জন্য,
      জি ভাই, মাত্র OpenOffice writer এ টেস্ট করলাম
      ভালই তো কাজ করছে । কেন বলুন তো ?

  5. Dear Sahariar vai,
    Lots of thanks for Avro soft. Vrinda font chara onno kono font ki default hisebe set kora jay na?
    thakle janaben plz to this mail (sblpalashbari@gmail.com)

  6. আমি তো ম্যাক ব্যবহার করি। আমি এই অপশন খুঁজে পাইনি। আমাকে একটু সাহায্য করবেন?

    1. আমি জানিনা আপনি কোন কিবোর্ড দিয়ে উপরের লিখাটি লিখেছেন । তবে অভ্রতে যা লেখা হয় তা ইউনিকোড ই , বিজয় এ ইউনিকোড এ লিখতে চাইলে বিজয়ের ইউনিকোড অপশন আছে নতুন সংস্করণ গুলোতে ।

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