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Control AutoPlay of Windows Seven

Windows Seven is the last operating system of Microsoft Corporation and today I will discus about how to control the Autoplay of windows seven. Windows seven has a build in settings to control the auto play system. You may also control them your self. To do this, just go to “Control Panel” and then choose “AutoPlay”.  Now you will get a list of the auto play option of your devise like Pen Drive, CD Drive, DVD or Software and Games. Suppose you like to Play Audio CD with Windows media player, then choose “Play Audio CD using windows media player”. Hope you will control auto play  of your computer.

Add Font in Menubar of Microsoft Word

Guys, today I will tell you how to add font in menubar of Microsoft Office Program. This is important when you need to use more than one font in any Microsoft Word file. So, let’s start ……

First open the Microsoft Word program and then click to View>Toolbars>Customize (The short way to access the customize is : Right click upon any toolbar and choose Customize.. from the bottom of the pop up menu). Now choose the Commands and then scroll the left scroll bar and choose Fonts. Now see in the right side of the dialog box, you will find all the installed font list. Choose the font (what you like to add into menu bar) and drag it into the menu bar.

Suppose you like to add “Times New Roman”.  Then scroll and choose it from the left side of the Customize dialog box and drag it into the menu bar. After finishing, close the Customize Dialog Box.  What you see?  The font is added to your menu bar. Well, choose another font and drag it into the menu bar.

Search word more than one file at a time

We use office files in our home and office regularly and every files contain huge information. Sometimes we need to find some  specific word or information from that files. But it is really disgusting to find the word or information from the file choosing one by one.  It would be better if we do it more easily, I mean if we do it without opening any file.  Well, now I will show you the way to search word or information from more than one file at a time with Basic File Search.

Basic File Search
Basic File Search

Open any office program like Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word and then choose “File Search” form File menu. Now see in the right side of the program. A new pen will open known as Basic File Search. Now in the Search text field type the word or words what you want to search. Go to Other Search Option and Select the location where you do like to search ( Say you like to search all file of your document folder or you like to search in your computer) and then choose the file types from the “Results should be:”. Now click to Go button. Wait and see. What does it return!? I think you like this tips! Take care…

Download latest theme of Windows seven

Windows Seven Themes
Windows Seven Themes

If you use windows seven operating system, you may like to change your desktop theme. Microsoft corporation offer you a lot of theme for your windows 7 and all are totally free. The themes are included with the beautiful images and you know that the background of windows seven are changeable. It looks really nice of change of wallpaper. Today I visited the theme site of Microsoft and found a lot of themes in the theme gallery of windows seven. You can easily download the theme files and it is also easy to install. Go to the page at and start download of the windows seven themes. After finishing download just open it and windows will automatically install and apply the theme in your operating system. So dear download the latest and wonderful themes of windows seven and enjoy them in your computer for free!