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Hardware Driver of Fujitsu LifeBook AH30/K

Few days ago I bought a Fujitsu LifeBook AH30/K and installing OS, OMG, where is Driver ?? My Operating system is Windows Seven 64 bit and I searched over internet a lot but got no driver ūüôĀ

What to do, What to do ...

Finally got an alternative way to solve out the issue of Hardware Driver. I have used a third party software know as DriverMax  to Download Hardware Driver of Fujitsu LifeBook AH30/K

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How to write Bangla with Bijoy Keyboard

What is Bijoy Keyboard.

Bijoy is a Bengali word means victory. And Bijoy Keyboard is a keyboard layout that is used to write Bengali. This keyboard layout owned by Mustafa Jabbar. People use bijoy from the age of windows 98 to now. But now a days there are more keyboard layout used to write Bangle. Bijoy 2000, Bijoy Pro for WinXP, Bijoy 2003 and Bijoy Bahanno are the some version of this keyboard.

Bijoy Keyboard Layout

To use this keyboard, you need to install the keyboard on your computer. This is not a free application. Bijoy Bahanno is the last version of Bijoy Keyboard included with Unicode feature. Following is the Bijoy keyboard layout

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Remove Saved Password ie, Cookies and History of Internet Explorer

Today, we will show you how to remove  saved password from internet explorer web browser and we will discus for the other version like  ie9, ie8, ie7 and ie6. you may check this out on Microsoft also.  So, Let's go...

How to Remove Password, Cookies, Histories on Internet Explorer 9

Open Internet Explorer web browser  and then go to Internet Options from Tools.

IE9 Tools > Internet Option
Delete Password of Internet Explorer - Step 1

Internet Options dialog box will come to you and then click to Content tab and after that click to settings from AutoComplete section shown in the image below. Continue reading Remove Saved Password ie, Cookies and History of Internet Explorer

See Internet speed Windows Seven without third party application

In windows XP, when we double click the network connection(when internet connected) icon, we see the following.

Internet Connection status
Internet Connection status

Here we can see the statistics of current net connection.  In the Activity, we can see the sent and Received data  in Bytes. It you see carefully the changes of Received data or Sent data, you will easily calculate the sent (Upload) or Received (Download) speed. You may also disconnect your net connection by clicking Disconnect button.

But in Windows seven, when you click the network icon form taskbar you will find the following.

Network Connection of Seven
Network Connection of Seven

Here you will find the connection list. If any connection is connected with internet, it will show Connected, Click the connected connection and then right click upon it. Next choose Status to view the status of the connection. Hope you will enjoy it...

Add Icon in Quick Launch of Winwods Seven

How to add Icon in Quick Launch? It is very easy. Just follow me...

First right click upon the task bar and unlock the taskbar. Now  choose any program icon from your desktop and pin it to the taskbar (Drag and drop) .

Quick Launch of Windows seven
Quick Launch of Windows seven

If you not found your required program icon in your desktop though the program is installed in your computer, go to start>All program, select and  right click upon the program icon and choose desktop from send to  option. After that you can find the icon  on your desktop. After adding all the required icon, lock the task bar. Now you will access your program more faster. Enjoy...