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Filter Website URL/Link on D-Link DWR-116 Wireless Router

Hi, Do you think that you need to filter some website in your network! I am doing that with my D-Link Wireless Router 🙂 . I am using D-Link  DWR-116 Wireless Router and I am gonna show you how to Filter Website URL with  D-Link DWR-116 Wireless Router. It's very easy,  You may see the following video to get the clear idea about that. Continue reading Filter Website URL/Link on D-Link DWR-116 Wireless Router

How to write Bangla with Bijoy Keyboard

What is Bijoy Keyboard.

Bijoy is a Bengali word means victory. And Bijoy Keyboard is a keyboard layout that is used to write Bengali. This keyboard layout owned by Mustafa Jabbar. People use bijoy from the age of windows 98 to now. But now a days there are more keyboard layout used to write Bangle. Bijoy 2000, Bijoy Pro for WinXP, Bijoy 2003 and Bijoy Bahanno are the some version of this keyboard.

Bijoy Keyboard Layout

To use this keyboard, you need to install the keyboard on your computer. This is not a free application. Bijoy Bahanno is the last version of Bijoy Keyboard included with Unicode feature. Following is the Bijoy keyboard layout

Bijoy KeyBoard Layout Continue reading How to write Bangla with Bijoy Keyboard

Change Folder icons into own created icon – Video Tutorial

Most of the times we use the default icon in the folder. But, if we create an icon and like to use it in any folder? By browsing you may add the icon what you created, but when you will carry the folder into another computer or any memory device the icon will not go with it. But I will show how the icon will go and always displayed. See the video tutorial and I hope you will do it easily. It's a very easy way to set the own icon. Just you need to change the desktop.ini file! Enjoy the video...

Now you can carry the folder everywhere and the icon will go with it!

Need to download this video tutorial? See how to download flash or youtube video.

How to make font shortcut – video tutorial

Do you  change font again and again when you write any document file? If so, I think that you get boor to do so again again! The day has gone. I am right here to show you a new way to change this boring stupid things.  Now you will change the font more easier. I created the video tutorial to show you the way to make a shortcut for the font and it will make you happy I think. It's really easy. Watch the video and you will do it easily.

How to Backup Nokia Phone/Contact Number – Video

Hi viewers! How are you all? I will show you how to backup nokia phone contact number to your computer with nokia pc suite. You can see the number/s without using pc suite. Please enjoy the video and hope you will do it yourself.

If you are not able to see the video tutorial, follow the following:
Connect your Nokia phone with Cable or Bluetooth and open the Nokia PC Suite. Now open the contact and you will see the list of contact number of your phone. Now select all (you may use ctrl+a to select all) and copy them. Now create a new folder and paste all into the folder. Save the contact number to be secure from any unwanted risk. You have finished the backup.