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Evaluation of Customer Satisfaction of Beauty Parlour


Beauty parlor is one kind of service provider enterprise. It  has become a common phenomenon to the women who possess a golden opinion with advancement of civilization as regards beauty parlor. People are conscious about their health’s attractiveness and smartness now a day. They wants to beautify their body’s cuteness more than they achieve naturally. Beauty parlor provide such types of service. The popularity of beauty parlor is increasing day by day to the male and female indiscriminately age and race consequently. So necessity of beauty parlor is beyond measure now.

What is Beauty Parlor:

Letterlly, beauty means attractiveness, lovely, prettiness etc. on the otherhand, parlor means an ordinary room or house for sitting. But beauty parlor has another meaning jointly. Beauty parlor denotes any enterprise that helps to enlarge the attractiveness of human body.

Actually beauty parlor is service provider organizations that take care of human body and increase cuteness. It nurses specially of human skin. Recently there are some beauty parlors that provide service taking care of human figure.

Finally, we can say beauty parlors are service providing organization which sterilize ,take care, design and ultimately beautify the attractiveness of human body.

Parlor service in Rajshahi City:

There are two types of parlor.

  1. ladies parlor.
  2. Gents parlor.

In Rajshahi these two types of parlor are available. Gents parlors are not as popular as ladies parlor. So, we have studied about ladies parlor.

There are some female beauty parlors which are located in different location in Rajshahi city. The following are the several well-known beauty parlors

Name Location

1. Keya beauty parlor        Shaheb bazaar

2. Opshara                   RDA market Saheb bazaar

3. SHE beauty parlor         RDA market, Shaheb bazaar

4. Women’s Care              RDA market, Shaeb bazaar

5. ARISTOCRATE               kajla, motihar


Sopnopuri স্বপ্নপুরী – A nice synthetic park for visitors

Shopnopuri is a largest artistic picnic spot of North Bangle of Bangladesh situated on Nawabgonj Upazila under Dinajpur District. I have visited that place many times. That is a really beautiful place with a lot of mind bowing artistic things.

Sopnopuri is a  nice synthetic park for visitors.  The gate of Shopnopuri is really fantastic as tow angel will welcome you on the gate.  There you will find a small artistic zoo with the old animals of the  lost world, artistic fish  world, artistic water daughter, cable car, a lot of statue, school of nature and species of trees etc..

A real zoo also now available there.  You will find residential hotel to hold at Shopnopuri. Recently they added the artistic solar system. Various kinds of show piece made of wood, handicraft, different type of lake, a nice flower garden, outdoor fountain.

How will you arrive Shopnopuri:

You will be able to reach Shopnopuri  by different ways depend on your location. From South Bangle, at first you have to go to either each from Hilli or from Dinajpur. If truth be told it is more closer from Fulbari. There you’ll be able to revel in all of your complete day staring at staring at this synthetic  just right looks good looksyou are able toy ou’ll spend night time night additionally additionally In Shopnopuri relaxrest space space at the other hand, however for that you are going to that want to want to book in advance in advance it is an idle Picnic spot.

Also where where a large number of artworks come on a daily basis of the year Shopnopuri is at the NawabGanj (Dinajpur) Upajilla. It has many eye catching synthetic syntheticart artwork the only will make you captivating interesting.

So, what are you waiting for  to Visit Sopnopuri স্বপ্নপুরী ? – Check out the  nice synthetic park for visitors.

History of BitDefender Antivirus

BitDefender is an antivirus tool suite evolved through Romania-primarily based tool corporate Softwin. It used to be introduced in November 2001, and is lately in its 13th version. The 2011 version was launched in August 2010, and it comprises a few coverage and function improvements as seek consultant and performance Optimizer.

The BitDefender products feature antivirus and antispyware, private firewall, privacy keep an eye on user control and backup for corporate and home users. PC Tuneup and function Optimizer are to be had in the overall safety Suite.


BitDefender replaced SOFTWIN’s in advance AVX (AntiVirus eXpert) product range. Among 1996 and 2001 AVX turned into a product to be had around the world  that presented smart  updating  without user consumer intervention and integrated  an  inner browser which scanned and monitored all downloaded files knowledge. AVX hang the main, the primary behavior primarily based application tool off blocking generation  and it  used to be the main. The primary antivirus product  to incorporate to incorporate  private   firewall features options. With the sixth generation of AVX, the product became the first antivirus to include an application firewall as well as behavior- based blocking. The BitDefender group spun off from SOFTWIN in 2007.

Need to be changed the Logo of Rajshahi University at Wikipedia

Rajshahi University (University of Rajshahi) is the second largest University of Bangladesh. You will found a lot of information about Rajshahi University (University of Rajshahi)  at Wikipedia and the link of Rajshahi University: . But I got a bug there and that is about the logo of Rajshahi University. The logo  at wikipedia is as follows- Continue reading Need to be changed the Logo of Rajshahi University at Wikipedia

An effective article on Eve Teasing

Eve-teasing mainly refers to sexual harassment. It also involves teasing a woman orally, physically, mentally and sexually. There are a number of reasons which work behind it. Firstly, lack of positive attitudes towards women can be diagnosed. People are not found to show respects to women in a male-dominated society like Bangladesh.

As a result, women face various types of unpleasant comments on their way to schools, offices and their respective workplaces. Secondly, practicing vulgar culture is one of the dominant causes of this teasing. This is, it is known to all, the age of globalization and globalization always attempts to show free flow of satellite TV. With the touching touch of it, our young generation gets used to watching obscene films and display which ultimately stimulates them. Thirdly, our education system also works as a catalyst.

It encourages the learners to do cramming. Students can hardly enjoy the extra-curricular activities due to the huge pressure of cramming. Besides these, mixing with evil company, wearing erotic dresses worn by women, drug addiction, unemployment problem, illiteracy, discriminatory social system, lack of consciousness among the guardians are also the remarkable causes leading to this existing malady.

The effects of eve-teasing beggar description. It drags a woman towards a dark world. Women get frustrated and cannot hesitate even to commit suicide. So, ruination of a life is not a loss for a woman only. Rather, the whole family as well as the nation remain insecure.

To stop the eve-teasing, social awareness is a must because prevention is better than cure. Not only that, moral education should be incorporated into the academic syllabus. The eve-teasers must be given heavy penalty. Most importantly, guardians must play a pivotal role in the effective process of socialization. And, last of all, our positive attitude towards women can stop eve-teasing ensuring them a safe-abode as well as a safe-world to live in.