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Bootable Backup Software CD or DVD

Today I will show you the way to backup of any Bootable CD or DVD. Let me tell you what is bootable?

According to Wikipedia: In computing, booting (also known as "booting up") is a bootstrapping process that starts operating systems when the user turns on a computer system. A boot sequence is the initial set of operations that the computer performs when power is switched on. The boot loader typically loads the main operating system for the computer.

How to backup a bootable CD or DVD into another CD or DVD?

Well, first insert CD or DVD (what you like to backup) into your CD or DVD Writer Device. Now open any CD or DVD writer application like Nero (I will show with Nero 8) and then choose Copy Disc. Nero Express will come to you and choose Copy Entire CD (to copy CD) or Copy Entire DVD (to copy DVD). Now choose the writing speed less than 8x(11080KB/s) (It is important as to protect file missing) and then choose Copy. Nero will start copping. After finishing copy, it will call you for the blank CD or DVD. Put the blank CD or DVD into the CD or DVD writer. Nero will start writing and after few minuets it will finish writing and give you the confirmation message.

How to backup a bootable CD or DVD into Hard Disc?

If you like make a backup into your Hard Disc, you need to use ISO maker application like Nero or Format Factory. I will use Format Factory (a free converter application. See more…) to make ISO. Well, insert CD or DVD (what you like to backup) into your CD or DVD Drive and then run Format factory. Now choose ROM Device\DVD\CD\ISO and then choose  DVD/CD to ISO/CSO. Choose Convert, now Start. Format Factory will convert the CD or DVD into ISO. Well, store the ISO file on your hard disc. When you need to make it bootable, just double click into the ISO file and it will start writing with writing application. Enjoy…

Reset Bios Password

I am using Bios Password  in My computer. But first time I forgot my bios password. I was searching here and there about how to recover or reset bios password? My bios was totally locked for more than one month. I use bios password only to protect modification. But now, I know how to reset bios password. I am using Intel Desktop Brand DG31PR main board on my computer.

Jumper Block of Intel DG31
Jumper Block of Intel DG31

To recover or reset your main board password, you need to find out the Jumper Block of you main board first.  Unplug he Jumper from your main board and then restart computer. It will reset your bios. Now you can easily access your bios. If you like to use new password,  reset the new password. You do not need to unplug the battery. Though first time I did so and found no result. If you need the user manual of Intel Motherboard try to find out it on your main board CD. I attached my main board (Intel Desktop Brand DG31 PR) user manual.


Make Mouse Right Handed in Windows Seven

Yesterday I got a great problem with my mouse. It's left button does not work properly. But it was not a time to go to shop as it was midnight.  And it was important to use the mouse. Then, I was looking for the alternative way that how to use the mouse without changing it. I thought if I make the right button as like as left it would be better. And I will use keyboard for the right click. Well, let me show the way how T did that.

Mouse Switch
Mouse Switch

First go to Control Panel, then choose Mouse. Now a new dialog box will come to you. Choose Check to Box says "Switch primary and secondary buttons".  Now the right button of the mouse will behave as left key. Choose apply and then OK. This is the way how do you change your mouse into right handed. So friends enjoy it.

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