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Avro Spell Checker, Check Bangla Spell

Avro, a Bangla typing free keyboard from OmicronLab. Avro is a Unicode Based Bangla Keyboard that has also feature to convert Unicode Bangla text into Bijoy and also a Bangla Spell Checker with it. So, let’s have a look on the Bangla Spell Cehcker of avro keyboard.

Go to Start and then select All program. Now form Avro Keyboard, choose Avro Spell Checker.It will looks like below.

Avro Pad
Avro Pad

Download Avro and Enjoy Bangla

Download DFX Sound and Audio Enhancers

Download DFX Sound and Audio Enhancers. Though it is not totally free, you may use some option for free. It’s a powerful sound blaster. It will update your machines sound system and you will control it easily.  It supports all windows operating system. DFX Audio Enhancers

DFX Audio and Sound Enhanser
DFX Audio and Sound Enhanser

Downloading DFX is 100% safe and contains no viruses, no spyware, no adware, and no malware. It support Windows Media Player, Winamp, Real Player, media Monkey, Foobar2000, DivX Player, J. River Media Center, MusicMatch JukeBox. You also found a plug in for your ipod.

Download DFX enhances the sound of all the best media players from below.

Windows Media PlayerWindows Media Player
DivX PlayerDivX Player
J. River Media CenterJ. River Media Center
Musicmatch JukeboxMusicmatch Jukebox

Download finale notepad {loose|unfastened} All {source|supply} code editor


Nodepad is a {loose|unfastened} code editor {that can|that may} open all {form of|type of} programing {source|supply} {files|information} {you’ll be able to|you’ll} {easily|simply} edit any {form of|type of} {source|supply} code like php java, java script or css {and so on|and so forth} {the house|the home} {page|web page} of notepad is . {you’ll be able to|you’ll} {download|obtain} it from {the following|the next} {link|hyperlink}{download|obtain}. {you are going to|you will} {in finding|find} there {the current|the present} {version|model} {five|5}{8|eight}7 {and also|and in addition} the {antique|vintage} {version|variation} of notepad from {here|right here} {revel in|enjoy} your programming with notepad {five|5}  download, syntax highlighting, zoom, free source code, source code editor, notepad replacement, languages, ms windows environment,  language,source code, programming languages, finale notepad, functionality, drag and drop, notepad, downloads ,rapidshare, text editor, makemusic, r2, software ,finale ,music notation software, torrent, games, music, free notepad, windows notepad, search ,price, hotfile, megaupload, tools.

Download rohos mini drive to protect usb flash drive

Rohos Mini Drive is the name of an application which can help you to protect your usb flash drive like memory card or pen drive.  Actually this application creates hidden and encrypted partition on a USB flash drive. You can work with the files on the hidden partition without opening a special software. Those who have MB of important and sensitive documents on the USB flash drive, who seriously filling worry about the data security, cannot imagine their USB flash stick without the hidden volume that is created during this security software. This security application creates an extra drive in the flash drive with password protection. And it is easy to use Rohos Mini Drive.  Rohos Mini supports Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Seven. To download and use the usb security software, go to .

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Download and Use Norton Safe Web Lite

Norton Safe Web Lite
Norton Safe Web Lite

Norton Safe Web Lite is a web security notification tool from Symantec. If Norton Safe Web Lite is installed in your Computer System, it will add a bar on your web browser. When you will visit any site, Norton Safe Web Lite will inform you whether the site you are going to visit is safe for you or not. It has also search engine notification feature with the most popular web  search engine like google, yahoo, bing etc. When you will search any topic from google or bing or any web search engine,  it will add a notification icon with every web link provided to you by your search engine.

This application is free for the registered Norton Antivirus User. Norton Safe Web Lite can be downloaded from the following Link.