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Download the most populare mobile messaging software

Messaging is a known word to the modern internet user. We always try to communicate with our friends and family and now a days we are using internet to stay connected. Now a days we use mobile device to browse internet. Most of the user use mobile phone to browse internet and communicate with their friends and family. iPhone, Google phone, Nokia, Samsung Sony Ericsson etc are the popular mobile phone brand with the multi-internet options. The all high class mobile phone supports many application build for mobile phone. And the most popular mobile messaging two applications are Mig33 and Nimbuzz.

Mig33: Mig33 is most popular mobile messaging and chatting application from a log time ago. You may also call through this application worldwide. You may download mig33 form

Nimbuzz: Nimbuzz is the latest and faster application with multi-account chatting options like Facebook, yahoo, gtalk, etc. Now a days it is the first choice of the mobile user who want to chat through mobile devise like cell phone. Nimbuzz has also desktop edition. You may download Nimbuzz through this link:


Facebook Status on GP/Robi/Airtel/Citycell/Banglalink Mobile No.

From now on, you will get your Facebook status on your GP, Robi, Airtel, Citycell, and Banglalink Mobile number. Today I got this information from Prothrm-alo (Bangladesh) daily Newspaper (30-05-2011, on page - 17) as with the title FaceBook Status on cell phone and this is a free offer. So, let us discus how to get the status on cell phone.

First login to your Facebook account and then go to Account settings form account tab (on the right-top site of the Facebook wall). You may also go there through the link . Now choose the link Register for Facebook Text Messages, a new dialog box will come to you.

Choose your country and phone provider (GP, Robi, Airtel, Citycell, Banglalink) and click to next.  Now take your phone on hand and go to message option, type <F>  and send it to 32665 if your mobile number provider is one of Robi Airtel Citycell or Banglalink. If your connection provider is GP, type <FB> and send it to 2555. Facebook will send you an activation code to your mobile phone. Put the code into the code required box (if you not found the code required box, go to and choose " Already received a confirmation code?"). After finishing, you may edit your mobile status settings. This is a free offer and you will get the status for no cost! Enjoy.

Get GP EBill of Explore SIM via Email

All GrameenPhone Explore (Post Paid) user has a good experiences to loss the postal bill. Normally, GP sends the printed  bill of post paid sim. You know what, I did not get the first bill of my sim. I requested to GP care to take an  action on it and second time I got the printed bill. But now I am taking the bill through email. How? Well, let's see the procedure.

Go to your mobile message option and type  ebill<space>email and send it to 2000 form your post paid sim. For example, ebill<space> . This service is free of charge and of course it is a fast and reliable way. You will get the ebill from the next bill cycle. You may also change your email address following the same way (  ebill<space>email and send it to 2000 ). If you like to back to the previous  service, type ebill<space>cancel and send it to 2000. You will again get the printed copy. So, Get GP EBill of Explore SIM via Email.

How to Backup Nokia Phone/Contact Number – Video

Hi viewers! How are you all? I will show you how to backup nokia phone contact number to your computer with nokia pc suite. You can see the number/s without using pc suite. Please enjoy the video and hope you will do it yourself.

If you are not able to see the video tutorial, follow the following:
Connect your Nokia phone with Cable or Bluetooth and open the Nokia PC Suite. Now open the contact and you will see the list of contact number of your phone. Now select all (you may use ctrl+a to select all) and copy them. Now create a new folder and paste all into the folder. Save the contact number to be secure from any unwanted risk. You have finished the backup.

GrameenPhone Internet Settings

Need GrameenPhone Internet settings? Now, you will get it for free. Just you need to send a sms to 8080  and you will receive the GP Internet Settings. Take your handset on your hand and go to sms option, now type

All and send it to 8080.

You will get a message shortly from GP Saying

You will get GP WAP, GP MMS & GP Internet handset configuration setting soon. Use PIN code 1234 if required & save.

Wait a few Minuit, GP will send you all the handset settings according to your set. Save the settings with password 1234 if needed. Enjoy...

Summary of Internet Packages Features

Package Subscriber Type Features SMS Activation Usage Check
P1 (Minipack Pay Per Use) Only Prepaid Daily Maximum BDT 20 Unlimited Package with Fair Usage Policy Type P1 and send to 5000 *577*5#
P1 (Pay as you Go) Only Postpaid Pay As You go Type P1 and send to 5000 N/A
P2 (Unlimited) Both Prepaid & Postpaid Monthly Unlimited Package with Fair Usage Policy Type P2 and send to 5000 N/A
P3 (Night Unlimited) Both Prepaid & Postpaid Night Time Monthly Unlimited Package with Fair Usage Policy (from 12am till 10am) Type P3 and send to 5000 N/A
P4 (Daily) Prepaid Daily 150MB Package Type P4 and send to 5000 N/A
P5 (3GB) Both Prepaid & Postpaid 3GB Volume Based Package for 30 Days Type P5 and send to 5000 *566*10#
P6 (1GB) Both Prepaid & Postpaid 1GB Volume Based Package for 30 Days Type P6 and send to 5000 *566*10#
P7 Minipack 15MB Only Prepaid 15MB Volume Based package for 15 Days Type P7 and send to 5000 *566*1#

Configure Hand Set Manually.