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Is that all works of Microworkers safe

I am a microworkers since 2010. I got some experience about this micro work site and now I am here to share this with you. I discussed how to earn more with microworkers on the post  title How to earn $50+ monthly from Microworkers . Today I will inform you about some works that may harmful for you! Actually I am talking about some spacial work like ‘download a small application and installing’, sign up or register in a website. I tried to finish a work what was download type, and when I downloaded the application, my antivirus detected it as a virus!! So, I suggest to be careful when you are going to finish this type of work. and of-course use updated antivirus on your PC. Now, about sign up or register type work. If you are a programmer or a web developer, you may know that all the data submitted by an user can be seen by the admin of the site. Now, we see that many side takes a huge data when we sign up on that site. And most of the data are our personal data.

Is the site safe where we signing up? Yes, there are a lot of site that takes our data like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Microworkers etc. These sites are safe, but a new site, takes a lot of data. Why?? I think you can guess what they will do with your personal data. In that case, I use the face data to finish the task. And you know what you have to do… If any employer ask for IP address, provide it, it’s OK. Actually the employer got the workers Country and IP information by default. One thing, is a good site, But I informed you about its some employers, not all. I still working with this site.

How to earn $50+ monthly from Microworkers

I am working  on Microworkers sines  7- February 2010. I was not a regular worker of as I was not able to submit the high paid job.  You may see that above 0.50$ jobs are all website based and all needs a website with Google Page Rank (PR).

Than I thought, I have to get Google Page Rank to earn more from Microworkers. I start working silently on my site and everyday I tried to publish at least one post on my site. I also tried to make all past unique as it is important to get page rank. Now my site got PR3 and I am working on Microworker par day at least of 2 dollar and easily now I can earn $50+ in a month from Microworkers. So, you may understand How to earn $50+  monthly from microworkers.

Now a days most high paid jobs on Microworkers are website based. If you like to submit high paid jobs, you need to have a website with PR. Your domain should be paid, do not work on free domain as all jobs are require paid domain.

Your site content should be unique, well decorated and not fake  as these are the main key to get page rank. Of course visitor also a fact to make page rank. If you able to get page rank of your site more then 2, I hope you will earn $50+ per  month form

Tips for NewBee on Microworkers

Hello everybody. How are you all ? These days I love to tell you a few guidelines about Microworkers. You know that Microworkers is a small online job site. A large number of small task is to be had here And we get payment for good fortune however all works of MW don’t seem to be safe for you as few times i saw a few Task  is destructive for us. If truth be told that form of task like sign up and post link My first yahoo identity blocked for humming a criminal link if truth be told it post my problem that i did the task without thinking and so i pay my yahoo account. Here in Microworkers a lot of Employers gives job and they got benefit. however a few form of Employers looking to do a little destructive paintings when we sign up any web site they took a large number of knowledge and a few of them are our private knowledge. however is the web site safe!! where we sign up? Ya Microworkers is a secure website but the employers of this site may not secure. So please think , while you going to sign up to any web site approximately it is safety if you are a developer, you can also realize that every one sign up users knowledge can also be noticed through the web site admin. If he/she(Admin) is destructive! So use pretend knowledge to sign up in an unsecured web site. i will be able to back with additional info .Take care everyone.  Bye for today……

Submit a work of Microworkers

Choose “Available Jobs” from the menu bar of Microworkers website. Available Jobs page will open, see the job name, choose and select your job. You should choose your job what you can finish. Scroll your mouse, you will find more job. Choose your best job and get paid.

Available job of Microworke
Available job of Microworke

We choose the job “Write an Article +Post to Article Directory”. The following page came. Read carefully the “What is expected from workers?” from your selected job. You can accept this job if you can do this. If you can do this work then read the “Required proof that task was finished?” If all are in your favor, then select “I accept this job” otherwise select “Not interested in this job.” . Remember! Do not accept a job that you are not interested otherwise it will be the cause of your low rating.

Chosen job of Microworkers

Now, if you accept any job, then do it carefully as it expected by Employer. When it will finish, Enter the required proof and select “I confirm that I completed this task“.You may do the job before you accept the job. When the job will finish, accept the job and submit the required proof. It will help your rating not to go low.

Microworkers job Accepted
Microworkers job Accepted

When you will confirm your task the following page will come. Employer will review your task with in a day. Sometime it takes more then one day. Enjoy your online Job.

Submitting job of Microworkers
Submitting job of Microworkers