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Download GrameenPhone WAP/MMS/Internet configuration to your phone from Online

GrameenPhone Logo
GrameenPhone Logo

The GrameenPhoen online Settings delivery system is now currently unavailable. But still you may get settings for free to your Phone. To do this, go to your message option of your hand set and then write

All and send it to 8080

You will get a message shortly from GP Saying

You will get GP WAP, GP MMS & GP Internet handset configuration setting soon. Use PIN code 1234 if required & save.

Wait a few Minuit, GP will send you all the handset settings according to your set.

Configure Handset Manually

We need handset configuration in our Mobile  Phone to use Internet or wap or MMS. We usually sms or call to the customer care to get the configuration. But it is Digital time and the age of Internet. We can get the offer of  Grameen Phone Automatic Configuration from Internet easily. To get this offer visit
Now choose your vendor i.e. the brand of your handset like Nokia. The page will reload and then choose set model like 3110classic. Again page will reload and then choose your Setting type like WAP+MMS+Internet or Internet.  And last put your Grameen Phone Number(After 017) and then click to send Button. GP will send you an Authentication code to your Mobile via sms to verify you. Put the code and choose next again. You will receive a handset configuration for your mobile device. Save it with the password 1234 (if needed) . You can find many handset configuration from here like  benQ, LG, Samsung, SonyEricsson,  Alcatel, china phone etc…….

Download Avira Anti Virus Update Manually

Avira Antivirus
Avira Antivirus

Note: Avira has changed the update page link and the new link of avira antivirus update is following And then click to the Download VDF (multiple VDF) link to download the VDF update   or you may Download iVDF (container VDF) for iVDF update.


First {i use|i exploit} Avira anti virus in my {pc|laptop} {however|but} {that time|that point} I face {a problem|an issue} to {update|replace} avira database {update|replace} manually. {however|but} now {i will be able to|i can} do it. {if truth be told|in fact} {i think|i feel} {so much|such a lot} {user|consumer} of Avira face that {form of|type of} {problem|drawback} first time. {it is|it’s} {simple|easy} to {update|replace} Avira Database {the use of|using} {automatic|automated} Update. {however|but} {if you are|in case you are} a offline Avira User? {you wish to have|you want} to {update|replace} manually. So, {allow|permit}s {pass|move} to {know the way|understand how} to {download|obtain} Update {record|document} of Avira Anti Virus.


Download: First go to the home page of Avira Antivirus i.e. .

Now click to the “Support” button from the left side of the site. Sub menu of Support will open, click to “Tools” button. Now find a zip icon from the right side. Click to the zip icon. A zip file will come to download named or . Save the file on your compute.

Update Manually: Open Avira Antivirus Window and click to “Update” from menu bar. Now click “Manual Update”.

Avira Update Zip Icon
Avira Update Zip Icon

Now open the {record|document} {region|area} of that zip {dossier|file} (Update file), select and click to open. Your Antivirus will be updated. Some time you will face a problem and that is you will not find the zip file though it is on your hard drive. Well, rename the zip file as it on “Files of type” of the open dialogue box. For example, rename as or . Enjoy.

Added on 25-08-2010

Open Avira Antivir Personal window and click to Update form menu bar. Now choose Manual Update.

Manual Upade of Avira Antivirus

Now Open Dialogue will open.

Open Update File
Open Update File

Browse and locate the update file. If you don’t see the update file inside the open dialogue box, go to the file location manually and rename it as you see the file name in the “files of type” of Open dialogue box. It may be . And retry, I think you will do it.