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Remove Saved Password ie, Cookies and History of Internet Explorer

Today, we will show you how to remove  saved password from internet explorer web browser and we will discus for the other version like  ie9, ie8, ie7 and ie6. you may check this out on Microsoft also.  So, Let's go...

How to Remove Password, Cookies, Histories on Internet Explorer 9

Open Internet Explorer web browser  and then go to Internet Options from Tools.

IE9 Tools > Internet Option
Delete Password of Internet Explorer - Step 1

Internet Options dialog box will come to you and then click to Content tab and after that click to settings from AutoComplete section shown in the image below. Continue reading Remove Saved Password ie, Cookies and History of Internet Explorer

Remove Mozilla Firefox Saved Password for Login Page

Sometimes, unfortunately, we save our password in the browser when we browse internet outside like cyber cafe. But it makes a easy way to hack our account. Somebody easily can access our account without knowing our login password. So, if the password saved by Mozilla Firefox we need to remove it to protect our valuable emails, documents and information.

Well, Now we are going to know how to delete or remove saved password in Mozilla Firefox web browser. Click tools of Mozilla Firefox and then choose Options. Now choose Security form the option dialog box. In the password section, choose Saves Passwords... Now you will see the list of  saved password in your browser. If you like to remove a specific website password or username, select it and then choose Remove. It you like to delete all saved password, choose Remove all. Now Close and try to access the site for what you save password and see it does not remember your password.
Enjoy internet and the  digital world...

Why and how to make a strong password?

Nowadays, password (sometimes called passcode) is a common thing in the world as it is related to the modern technology. Everyday we use net, social network site, a lot of web applications like email, webblog etc. Most of the website and web based application provider required registered user. And we register using our email with username and password. They offer all thing under registered account. Facebook, twitter, freelancer etc. To protect that accounts, we need to use password. But, most of us using an easy password like phone number, card number, easy words like mylove, or the name of their dearest one and fall under hacking as all that password are easy to guess by others.

So, we need to make our password strong to protect from others. Well, let us see how to create a strong password

1. A strong password should be contain 10 character or more.
2. A strong password should not be a phone number, card number, roll number or bank account number or anything like that.
3. It should not be only number or character.
4. It should be case sensitive i.e use both upper case and lower case character (ASD  asd).
5. Use at-least 1 special character like @, &, $, %, ~ etc.
There are some strong passwords
?2DonoW?!; etc.

Hope you understand that how to make a strong password!

Facebook Status on GP/Robi/Airtel/Citycell/Banglalink Mobile No.

From now on, you will get your Facebook status on your GP, Robi, Airtel, Citycell, and Banglalink Mobile number. Today I got this information from Prothrm-alo (Bangladesh) daily Newspaper (30-05-2011, on page - 17) as with the title FaceBook Status on cell phone and this is a free offer. So, let us discus how to get the status on cell phone.

First login to your Facebook account and then go to Account settings form account tab (on the right-top site of the Facebook wall). You may also go there through the link . Now choose the link Register for Facebook Text Messages, a new dialog box will come to you.

Choose your country and phone provider (GP, Robi, Airtel, Citycell, Banglalink) and click to next.  Now take your phone on hand and go to message option, type <F>  and send it to 32665 if your mobile number provider is one of Robi Airtel Citycell or Banglalink. If your connection provider is GP, type <FB> and send it to 2555. Facebook will send you an activation code to your mobile phone. Put the code into the code required box (if you not found the code required box, go to and choose " Already received a confirmation code?"). After finishing, you may edit your mobile status settings. This is a free offer and you will get the status for no cost! Enjoy.

Get GP EBill of Explore SIM via Email

All GrameenPhone Explore (Post Paid) user has a good experiences to loss the postal bill. Normally, GP sends the printed  bill of post paid sim. You know what, I did not get the first bill of my sim. I requested to GP care to take an  action on it and second time I got the printed bill. But now I am taking the bill through email. How? Well, let's see the procedure.

Go to your mobile message option and type  ebill<space>email and send it to 2000 form your post paid sim. For example, ebill<space> . This service is free of charge and of course it is a fast and reliable way. You will get the ebill from the next bill cycle. You may also change your email address following the same way (  ebill<space>email and send it to 2000 ). If you like to back to the previous  service, type ebill<space>cancel and send it to 2000. You will again get the printed copy. So, Get GP EBill of Explore SIM via Email.