Tips for NewBee on Microworkers

Hello everybody. How are you all ? These days I love to tell you a few guidelines about Microworkers. You know that Microworkers is a small online job site. A large number of small task is to be had here And we get payment for good fortune however all works of MW don’t seem to be safe for you as few times i saw a few Task  is destructive for us. If truth be told that form of task like sign up and post link My first yahoo identity blocked for humming a criminal link if truth be told it post my problem that i did the task without thinking and so i pay my yahoo account. Here in Microworkers a lot of Employers gives job and they got benefit. however a few form of Employers looking to do a little destructive paintings when we sign up any web site they took a large number of knowledge and a few of them are our private knowledge. however is the web site safe!! where we sign up? Ya Microworkers is a secure website but the employers of this site may not secure. So please think , while you going to sign up to any web site approximately it is safety if you are a developer, you can also realize that every one sign up users knowledge can also be noticed through the web site admin. If he/she(Admin) is destructive! So use pretend knowledge to sign up in an unsecured web site. i will be able to back with additional info .Take care everyone.  Bye for today……

14 thoughts on “Tips for NewBee on Microworkers”

  1. It’s really a nice tips about microworker. But I’m a new person in and I need more help about that. Actually, I don’t understand how do I submit a work in microworkers. Could you please help me.

    1. When any workers submit the task, Microworkers automatically show the IP and Country of workers to the employer. So, if any employer ask for IP, give it. You may change your IP using IP changer after finishing the task. Look, I also know your IP as you visited my site. Any site admin can see who (IP) visited his/her site. Thanks for your sensitive comment.

  2. I setup microworker mt pc but i want to work microworker and getpaid site.adon’t registation getpaid to site .will you know me what this problem solve.I wait reaply.

    1. @ Rina, I do not understand your problem. What is “MT PC”? And I am also do not understand the sentences you write on the comment. Would you please simplify them, that I may help you.

  3. when i am creating the account in microworkers site. there is showing IP problem. What are the solution of these matter?

    1. Do you have another micorworkers account? Microworkers track IP address and do not allow more then one account par user. If you try to make more then one account on miicroworkers it will block you and may disable both account with all credit (earning). I have seen many of them who loss their account for doing such thing!

      1. Hi Shah Alam,
        If it’s the problem with your ip, then may be someone else using your pc/ip to access microworkers. Actually this happen with shared internet connection as those internet connection has random ip address and some else already get those ip before.
        If it’s a shared internet connection, please disconnect your internet connection and re-connect. Hope you will get a new ip 🙂

        Otherwise you can use some ip hide/changer apps like hotspot shield but that’s not a good idea .

  4. Hello, If I share and internet conection but use two different computers I going to be blocked from Mycroworkers? I don`t understand the IP address thing. It belongs to the internet or the computer? Please HELP ME!!!

    1. Hi Arlanny,
      IP = Internet Protocol and it depends on internet connection. For different internet connection, IP should be different, but if you share same internet connection for different computer, IP address may same.

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