Stop unwanted Grameenphone promotional SMS

Good to see the SMS from Grameenphone before they go for Business Promotional SMS Ad of others and their customer's .  Really it was very disgusting to receive unwanted promotional sms on my phone.  And I believe that others has the same experience.

Well, today morning I got an SMS form GP that says that if I don't like to receive business  promotional SMS I should confirm them by an sms and the process is as follows

Write ' No ' and send it to 9858 from you GP Connection.

Stop unwanted Grameenphone promotional SMS
Stop unwanted Grameenphone promotional SMS

Actual SMS was as follows
" Apni binamulle banijjik procarona mulok SMS pete jassen, ei dhoroner SMS na pete chaile NO likhe 9858 number-e pathiye din "

I think others may also get the same sms and yes I appreciate that GP at least make a way to stop receiving those unwanted Grameenphone promotional SMS.

Few days ago in the city corporation election tile GP send a same like sms to stop receiving promotional sms and that was like below 🙂

" Apnar elakar prarthider kach theke mirbachoni SMS pete na chaile NO like 9858 a pathiye din "

What ever... So go for it if you don't like to receive unwanted sms of GP...

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2 thoughts on “Stop unwanted Grameenphone promotional SMS”

  1. Thanks for the tip. Know anything about the ghost calls from 4 digit numbers such as 16237 etc.


  2. Thanks. I called the customer care and requested to stop the annoying promo SMS. Though he said it will be stopped in 24 hours but it didn't.
    Hope, now they may be stop now.

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