How to Stop Facebook Autoplay Videos

Your Social Media Is Now Attacked By Autoplay Videos!!!

Now-a-days when a video appear in your Facebook timeline it automatically starts running or playing.  Alike Facebook other social medias including twitter are also in the same condition.

These lead us to some kind of irritating and embarrassing situations. For an example if someone shared a video of an road accident which can be nasty, dangerous and bloody. And containing the images of boosted stomach of human with blood and stool. What will happen to you while you are starting your day with a good mood?? Rather going for  vomiting or Nausea, we would better stop the auto play of Facebook.

Let’s Know How to Stop Facebook Autoplay Videos

Fortunately we can stop the Autoplay of Facebook. You can finish the task by following only three steps.

STEP 1,  Take a look at the picture below:

How to Stop Auto Play of Facebook
How to Stop Auto Play of Facebook

Look at the menu bar in the top of your Facebook Homepage. Now notice the down arrow which is marked with red line (showing the number 1.) Click on that arrow. After clicking it you will see a option bar. Now click on the setting option (that is showed with red marked box and a number ‘2’ in the picture)


Please, look at the picture bellow and complete the step two.

How to Stop Auto Play of Facebook
How to Stop Auto Play of Facebook (next steps)

At this time, look at the left of your screen. In last of the option list you will find an option named videos (Red marked 1 number box in the above picture). Now click on the Videos option. A page named video Setting will open. Now go to the Auto-Play videos box and find the Default option.


Now click on the Default option you will sea a option menu bellow the mouse pointer or Default option containing  two more option On and Off. Select off by clicking on it.

Congrats! You have successfully done the job. No more videos will be played automatically in your Facebook timeline.


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