Remove Saved Password ie, Cookies and History of Internet Explorer

Today, we will show you how to remove  saved password from internet explorer web browser and we will discus for the other version like  ie9, ie8, ie7 and ie6. you may check this out on Microsoft also.  So, Let’s go…

How to Remove Password, Cookies, Histories on Internet Explorer 9

Open Internet Explorer web browser  and then go to Internet Options from Tools.

IE9 Tools > Internet Option
Delete Password of Internet Explorer – Step 1

Internet Options dialog box will come to you and then click to Content tab and after that click to settings from AutoComplete section shown in the image below.

Internet Option > Content > Setttings
AutoComplete section of Internet Explorer

Another new dialog box will come to you known as AutoComplete Settings. Now choose the Delete AutoComplete history…

AutoComplete Settings
AutoComplete Setting of Internet Explorer Web Browser

Delete Browsing History dialog box will come. Now select Password and click to Delete button.

Note: If you only want to delete Cookies and History, then do not select Passwrod.

Delete Browsing History
Delete Browsing History of Internet Explorer

Wait a bit and internet explorer will remove saved password from it’s memory or delete the other accordingly as your settings.

 Internet Explorer 8

Password, History or Cookies remove system  of internet explorer 8 is same as above.

Internet Explorer 7

For IE 7 follow the step as follows

Tools → Internet Options → General → Browsing History → Delete… → Delete Passwords

Internet Explorer 6

For IE 6 follow the step as follows

Tools → Internet Options… → Content → Auto Complete… → Clear Passwords.

Hope you got it.

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