Potential of lac production

Now a days, there is building upd tension on use of eco-friendly and safe subject matter in particular associated with human touch and intake Lac is herbal renewable, biodegradable, flexible and non poisonous resin. therefore a very good building up in call for for lac around the world is envisaged. The envisaged purpose of improving lac production has relevance and importance this is a source of livelihood of tribal and bad inhabiting wooded area and sub wooded area spaces.

Bangladesh has great possible for lac culture Lac host trees are to be had however as a result of lack of awareness and awareness none of the trees are applied for lac cultivation. therefore on a standard just a limited part of the to be had lac host trees owned through farmers are being applied for lac cultivation at this time.

There are vast untapped regions that are ecologically favorable for lac production in the united states those parts own the prospective lac host plants which I exploited correctly in clinical and systematic way is at risk of give a boost to the lac production. improving the exploitation of the idle or unexploited lac host plants in favorable lac growing parts too can give a boost to the lac production

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