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Hello dear, last few days I am playing with CSS3 hexagon for my next project. A various type of  Hexagon I have used on that project. Few of those was to show up images , few are to show up some text with icons, buttons etc. Following are some snap short of those Hexagon created with pure CSS3 and nothing else.

Pure CSS3 Hexagon Box
Pure CSS3 Hexagon Box

The above is a pure css3 hexagon box with mouse  hover effects.

CSS3 Hexagon box with image and also social icons
CSS3 Hexagon box with image and also social icons

These are the hexagon with Image and the smalls are for social buttons with font awesome. And also added the hover color for each social buttons according as their official color. For example Google use red color and here red is the hover color for Google plus hexagon button. Same for Facebook hexagon button and other social button.

You may love to see the  post with all details of how to crate hexagon in CSS3. And I hope you will also play around with  CSS3 Hexagons. It’s easy.

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  1. hi, I have seen the tutorial also you made on the other page. But I want to make hexagon with image like your demo image. Can you help me?

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