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I am a Ring tone lover and I think most of us would like to use a ringtone of their own choice to their multimedia phone. Usually we use a full audio file as a ringtone directly when we unable to cut a portion of our favorite music. But it takes a lot space and phone can play only the first portion of the music as a ringtone. It gives us pain and I suffer it a long time as I am a free user. And as a ringtone, a small portion of a audio file which we like is the best. At last I found a ring tone making tool and of course it is a free tool. Using this tool you can make three type ring tone and the types are mp3, wav and iPhone.

Free Ringtone Maker
Free Ringtone Maker

How to use this free ringtone maker?

Download free ringtone maker for pc from here. Also you can download this software directly from here. When your download finish, Install it. Now, run the program . Browse a media file ( file should be mp3, wav, mp4 or flv format only) and you will find something that’s yellow in color. Actually it is the total range of the audio file. Now adjust your range using “Fade in(sec)” and ” fade out (sec)”. The program will play automatically the selected portion and if it is not ok, adjust again otherwise choose a output file name (Save as (File name)). Then select a output folder.

Now choose the ringtone format as iPhone, mp3 or wav (what you need actually). It will take sometime and make your ringtone and after finishing you will see the out put folder as open. So dear! Enjoy your selected portion of a music as a ring tone.

Remove Comment Author’s Link of WordPress without any plugin

Need to remove author’s web link from wordpress? It is not easy to remove that link and I found no plug in to remove author’s web link of wordpress. But I have done it without the help of any wordpress plug in. So, let us discuss about the way of removing author’s web link automatically…..

You need to change some code from a php file of wordpress. Go to wordpress installation directory/folder using ftp or file manager of your cPanel.  Then open the wp-includes directory/folder. Now  locate the file called comment-template.php and download it. Make sure to make a backup of this file, I mean create a copy of this file to make sure you can upload a working copy in case you mess up.

Open the file with any code editor like Adobe Dreamweaver or notepad. Now in the file around line 147 ( wordpress Version 3.0.1 ) you would locate a function called as get_comment_author_link( $comment_ID = 0 ) . The line number might vary for wordpress versions, but the code within the function is the same. Now, we are going to modify the function to remove author’s link.


$return = "<a href='$url' rel='external nofollow' class='url'>$author</a>";

It is around line 154 to 155.  Now replace the line

$return = "<a href='$url' rel='external nofollow'  class='url'>$author</a>";


$return = $author;

Save the file and upload in the same directory. Try whether it is working or not!


Format Factory, A Powerful Multifunctional Media Converter

Format Factory
Format Factory

Every net user has a good idea about internet video and needs to convert.  Not only net user but mobile user also need to covert video files form one format to another because every mobile device cannot play same type of video.  I found a all square converter  called Format Factory  can convert any type of video files like mkv, flv, mp4, 3gp, wmv, mpeg and many more. Not only that, if you need to backup any boot able disk, it can convert them into iso or cso i.e image file. It can also convert any type of Picture (jpg, jpeg, gif….) or any audio(wav, mp3, mid..) files. Format Factory is a Freeware software and much user friendly. It supports windows xp, vista, seven and all for 32 bit. Download this software form here and continuously convert your media files. Some of my friends ask me about format factory ubuntu version. But I found no version for ubuntu. May be they will do it very soon.

Play MKV Format File with Windows Media Player

Windows media player logo
Windows media player logo

The most popular and latest media file format is MKV. Now a days maximum high quality videos are in MKV format. But we can’t play MKV formatted files with Windows Media Player normally. But it is possible to play mkv formatted videos with windows media player, the default media player of windows operating system. And now I am going to give you the link of the software named Windows Vista Codec Package. It is also help you to play 3gp, mp4 and other popular video format file. The Download link of Windows Vista Codec Package is here. You can Also Download this codec from here. So download the software. Say goodbye  to  the problem and enjoy high resolution video with Windows Media Player.

Use Bluetooth Enable Phone as Remote of PC

Bluetooth communication with Mobile
Bluetooth communication with Mobile

Now a days, most of us using a multimedia handset like android, iPhone etc with a lot of function and lots of application. The most powerful communication system, yes, I am talking about Bluetooth is used to share files and communicate with other mobile device. I found a software for Bluetooth enable mobile phone. This software is used to make Mobile phone as a remote controller of Personal computer. The software is totally out of cost i.e. freeware. Using this software you can get mouse control in your mobile phone and many other facility if your phone is a bluetooth enable phone with the support of java. I mean, your phone needs to support java i.e. *.jar type files and of course bluetooth enable. The name of the software is Mobile Witch Remote Control 2.8.0. and you can download this software free from here .Or you can downland it directly from here . It’s need java to run the software on your computer. If it is not installed on your computer, download that from here and install on your computer. When you complete the installation you will find a *.jar type file on your desktop named MWRemoteCtrl.jar. Install it on your mobile phone. Now run the program and enjoy your mobile phone as a remote controller.

Use Bluetooth Enable Phone as Remote of PC

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