js Disable Alert WordPress Plugin

js Disable Alert WordPress Plugin is  actually JavaScript Disable Alert. This is my third plugin on WordPress Directory. Other Two are

Scroll Top and Bottom

Internet Explorer Alert

What is js Disable Alert?

js Disable Alert is a simple WordPress Plugin. If you install this on your site, it will detect who is browsing your website with disabled JavaScript or a browser that does not support JavaScript. And then it will show up an alert message accordingly as your settings for the plugin.

How I will download js Disable Alert?

Well, its pretty simple to download this plugin as it js Disable Alert  hosted on WordPress Directory. Or you can download it from plugin page of your site. Choose add new, and then write js Disable Alert on the search box. You will find this plugin on the list, now download and start use.

Settings options?

Yes, Plugins has a settings option page. Login to your admin panel and from Settings, you will get 'js Disable Alert'. Open the page and you will find a page like following

js Disable Alert WordPress Plugin Option page
js Disable Alert WordPress Plugin Option page

Here  you will find four option. as Follows

Custom Message

* If Empty, Default Message will be displayed. Please be noted that the message will only be displayed when the JavaScript of browser of the visitor is in disable mode.
Default Message is "Dear Visitor, Please Enable JavaScript of your Browser. Currently JavaScript is disabled". It's up to you what ever message you want to through to your visitor.

Message Position

* By default, Top. It's the position of the message where it will appear on your site.

That means the message will be shown on the top of the site it the visit doesn't running JavaScript or Di-activate it.

Font Color

* Default font color is #F00 which is red.

To Set Font Color, you will get a color picker on the settings page. Pick your color from there.

Color Picker for js Disable Alert
Color Picker for js Disable Alert

Font Size

* Default font size is 20px, If you want to put em it's also supported. Example 1.3em or 26px . Please do not add ; as plugin will automatically add this on CSS.

Background Color

On the  version 1.1 of js Disable Alert, we have added Background Color Option. Now you can choose Background color form the option page of the plugin




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