Is that all works of Microworkers safe

I am a microworkers since 2010. I got some experience about this micro work site and now I am here to share this with you. I discussed how to earn more with microworkers on the post  title How to earn $50+ monthly from Microworkers . Today I will inform you about some works that may harmful for you! Actually I am talking about some spacial work like 'download a small application and installing', sign up or register in a website. I tried to finish a work what was download type, and when I downloaded the application, my antivirus detected it as a virus!! So, I suggest to be careful when you are going to finish this type of work. and of-course use updated antivirus on your PC. Now, about sign up or register type work. If you are a programmer or a web developer, you may know that all the data submitted by an user can be seen by the admin of the site. Now, we see that many side takes a huge data when we sign up on that site. And most of the data are our personal data.

Is the site safe where we signing up? Yes, there are a lot of site that takes our data like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Microworkers etc. These sites are safe, but a new site, takes a lot of data. Why?? I think you can guess what they will do with your personal data. In that case, I use the face data to finish the task. And you know what you have to do... If any employer ask for IP address, provide it, it's OK. Actually the employer got the workers Country and IP information by default. One thing, is a good site, But I informed you about its some employers, not all. I still working with this site.

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