Internet Explorer Alert!

Hi my dear visitors, How are you all? This is my first time that I made a WordPress Plugins and it is known as Internet Explorer Alert! I am really happy that at last I submitted a plugin to the WordPress directory and the submission date is 2011-11-7. The version of the WP Plugin in Version 1.0. Well, let me explain how it works.

The plugin is created to Alert visitor to use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome who are using Internet explorer. That is if any one browse your website with Internet Explorer, he/she will alert by your site to use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. It’s a tiny plugin and created with PHP and JavaScript.

The installation process is as easy at the others. To test this just visit your site with Internet Explorer after install the plugins on your site created with WordPress.

Internet Explorer Alert! Scree Shot
Internet Explorer Alert! Screen Shot

Here you go to Download the plugin version 1.0 from the WordPress Plugin Directory : Download Here . And I will update it very soon with integrated feature. Thanks a lot.

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