Internet Explorer Alert WordPress Plugin

Internet Explorer Alert! Version 3.5

Internet Explorer Alert Version 3.5 is build up  with all previous function and added some features. With this version, you can choose Alert system. And there is 3 option

- HTML Alert Position Top

- HTML Alert Position Bottom

- JavaScript Alert

Internet Explorer Alert version 3.5
Internet Explorer Alert version 3.5

HTML Alert Position Top

If you select this, Plugin is ready to alert with HTML style.  And the message will be shown on the Top of the site accordingly as your settings.

HTML Alert Position Bottom

If you select this, Plugin is ready to alert with HTML style.  And the message will be shown on the Bottom of the site accordingly as your settings.

JavaScript  Alert

This is the old system what was with Internet Explorer Alert Version 2.5. It will alert as a small notification java Script Alert shown as Below Image.

This WordPress plugin is only work if anyone Brows your site with Internet Explorer alert them accordingly as your Settings  configured on the option page of the plugin.

Internet Explorer Alert - Version 2.5

Internet Explorer Alert - Version 2.5  has been released! In this version I tried to make it more user friendly and added new feature. It is easy to set the IE Version now for alert. User can now enter the alert message. If user do not enter any message, Plugin will display default alert message. Download it now from WordPress.

Screenshot - Internet Explorer Alert
Screenshot - Internet Explorer Alert

10 thoughts on “Internet Explorer Alert WordPress Plugin”

  1. Hi, nice plugin and thank you for it!
    Question, is it possible to change the download link to a website page redirection?


    1. yes, it's possible. and hope within few days I will release new version and it will be very easy to change or stop download link. Please have a look on the update version 3.0

  2. Is there a way to make the popup only appear on the very first page someone visits instead of every page? Also, with the html option, how can you adjust the time setting on the bar that displays? It goes away before someone can read the full message.

    1. Yes, It's possible. I am not clear about your second questions. Would you please write more about it that I can understand and fix the issue. You may share your site link also that I can have a look on it.

  3. Hello,
    thank you for the very useful plugin you've developed.
    I'm writing because i'm experiencing some issues (maybe after the 3.8.1 WP update??), with your plugin. It doesn't works anymore on any of the websites i've installed it on.
    Can you tell me why? Are there any problems with the WP version?
    Thank you very much

    1. Hi,
      Thanks to use my product. Normally there should not be any problem to update WordPress version and I am running WordPress 3.8.1 . And it works. Well, there may be a issue with windows 8 as it has internet explorer 11. Browse with IE of older then 11, it will detect. I hope I will fix the issue that it can also detect IE11 on the next version.
      Thank you

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