Install Equation of Microsoft Word Manually – Microsoft Equation 3.0

Equation Editor
Equation Editor

I see, many of us face problem to insert equation in Microsoft Word.  Actually the equation insert system is as follows:-
Insert>>Object>>Microsoft Equation 3.0 . But if we install Office program typically, it miss the other supported sub programs. So guys, please install not  typically but full of any application. It will help you to get all feature of the application.

Well, there is an another way to install equation of office program manually. And now we are going to know the manual installation process.

First open Microsoft Office word program and then right click to the menu bar and choose  Customize. Customize dialog box will open. You may also do this by clicking tools and then Customize. Now choose the Commands tab and from Categories, choose  Insert.  Now scroll and find out Equation  Editor form Commands list.  You will find , click upon it and drag it into Menu bar.

Now click to the new icon, if equation not installed on your system, it will start installation. If you install office program form CD/DVD, insert it on your CD/DVD drive. If you install office from hard disk , it will automatically install the equation.  Otherwise browse and locate the directory of office setup files.

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