htaccess Redirect Single URL to New Address

Hello everybody, few days ago I have deleted a post but  that post has back link from other site. When  somebody come through that  address to my site, they got 404 page! Well, then I added a simple  line on my .htaccess file to redirect all visitor of that post to a new related post. Well lets see that how to redirect a old post link into a new link.

In my case, the line was as follow

Redirect 301 /?p=1120 /2011/02/add-font-in-menubar-of-microsoft-word/

Where  /?p=1120 is a old page looks like and I have redirect it into the new address /2011/02/add-font-in-menubar-of-microsoft-word/which is actually

Since the new page is also on the same server, is used /2011/02/add-font-in-menubar-of-microsoft-word/ on the 2nd value.

Redirect is actually say to server that server need to redirect a url to another and the basic syntax is

Redirect 301 /old-page/ /new-page/

Where 301 says that the old page is moved permanently to the new page

/old-page/ is the page what will be redirect and /new-page/ is the page where the old-page will be redirect.

Well, I hope you understand the above. Now if you want to redirect page to a new site or that page is not in the same site, follow

Redirect 301 /old-page/

Here, replace with your site where you want to go your visitor.

Now you are ready to Redirect Single URL to new web page or new address

So... find your broken link and redirect to the link.

* htaccess is actually a file name and what we write there is accordingly as rewrite mode module. mod_rewrite is a module uses a rule-based rewriting engine for Apache Server that tell to the server to react accordingly as instruction of .htaccess file.

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  1. Hello, can you tell me how to protect image with htaccess. I have seen that if any one call image from your site, they always got same image that hotlink failed!. please share with us.

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