How to write in SutonnyMJ font with Avro Keyboard

Avro is a free keyboard that is usually used to write bangla mostly on web media. And it’s the keyboard that get most attenuation to write bangla now a days. When we write bangla with avra, we actually writ in Unicode bangla. But in some cases we need SutonnyMJ font that usually comes with Bijoy keyboard. When you need to render bangla like with Photoshop or Illustrator, you will need  SutonnyMJ font or such type of font (ANSI Bangla Fonts).  Its also possible with avro keyboard and I am going to show you How to write in SutonnyMJ font with Avro Keyboard.

Set avro keyboard to write with SutonnyMJ font

First, we have To set Avro keyboard in ANSI mode.  To do so, click on the setting icon of Avro keyboard and then click to “Output as ANSI (Are you sure?)”.

Avro Keyboard output as ANSI
Avro Keyboard output as ANSI

After clicking, you will get a dialog box like below and form there, click on Use ANSI anyway

Set Avro to Use ANSI anyway
Set Avro to Use ANSI anyway

Now open ms word program or where ever you want to write. In my case I am opening MS word Program. Now, start writing, but see, there is no bangla but other English later. Now we have to set font like bijoy keyboard. Set SuttonyMJ font and make sure that the font is installed on your system. If you don’t now how, please have a look how to set font.

How to back from ANSI to Unicode

If you need to back into the previous situation of avra, I mean in Unicode mode, follow the process as of the first image and then Click on “Output as Unicode (Recommended )”.  And after thet, you will be back to regular mode of Avro with Unicode bangla.

Enjoy Avro, Bangla  and happy writing 🙂

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