How to write Bangla with Bijoy Keyboard

What is Bijoy Keyboard.

Bijoy is a Bengali word means victory. And Bijoy Keyboard is a keyboard layout that is used to write Bengali. This keyboard layout owned by Mustafa Jabbar. People use bijoy from the age of windows 98 to now. But now a days there are more keyboard layout used to write Bangle. Bijoy 2000, Bijoy Pro for WinXP, Bijoy 2003 and Bijoy Bahanno are the some version of this keyboard.

Bijoy Keyboard Layout

To use this keyboard, you need to install the keyboard on your computer. This is not a free application. Bijoy Bahanno is the last version of Bijoy Keyboard included with Unicode feature. Following is the Bijoy keyboard layout

Bijoy KeyBoard Layout

How to Set Bijoy Keyboard

After installation, you need to set the keyboard to use. Press Ctrl+Alt+B on your keyboard to set the bijoy keyboard and now it is ready to write Bangle. Also you need to set the font! Default font of Bijoy Keyboard is sutonnyMJ. If you set font and convert into bangla, Press Shift+F to test whether the keyboard set properly or not. If everything is OK, after pressing Shift+F you will get the first later of Bengali alphabet.

Again press Ctrl+Alt+B to back to English.

Following is a video tutorial to install font in windows XP, you will get font with the soft pack. You do not need to download it. For windows Seven, Just open the font and click to the install button.

Bangla Font Installation system – video tutorial

Start writing using Bijoy

Well, let’s start writing bangla. Say we may write “আমার”. Set the keyboard first and also set font. Now press following

G+F M+G+F V and you will get আমার. Here G is used to link later.


Let us write another word. ডাক্তার (Bengali of Doctor). Now press following

E+F J+G+K+F V and you will get ডাক্তার,


The old version of bijoy does not support Unicode bangla. But the last version support both. In Bengali alphabet, there are a lot of complex latter and I added them and See following.

Bijoy Bangla typing guide

Check it out or download for future use. That guide you to write bangla with bijoy key-bared.  Here I have tried to add all the Bangle alphabets and the complex alphabets. Also you will get all possible complex word writing guideline for bijoy layout.

Bijoy KeyBoard Installation and Use Video Tutorial

I made a video tutorial for Bijoy Bayanno 2011. I tried to record the installation system and use of Bijoy KeyBoard with Microsoft Office 2010.

Hope the overall tutorials help you. You may love to checkout How to make font shortcut? See the video tutorial and Video Tutorial to add Font in Menubar or Toolbar.

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49 thoughts on “How to write Bangla with Bijoy Keyboard”

  1. Hi there, very informative and yes I got a lot of Bangla writing with Bijoy. I use avro keyboard. But sometimes i need it. Can you please share the download link of Bijoy what you have shown on the video tutorial? I will be very pleased if I get it.
    Thanks in advance

  2. Hi,
    I have lots of Bengali matter composed in Samit TopType (Paqgemaker files). Its very very old way of typing bengali. How do I convert it o Bijoy Bayanno format?

    I am looking for this option since 2 to 3 years but still no luck.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Shahid,
      Unfortunately I don’t have any idea about the way to convert Samit TopType to Bijoy Bayanno format.

      1. Hello thanks for the reply.
        Ok i have another query. The character combination “o g o” does not working in Classic Mode of Bijoy Bayanno 11. It works only in Bijoy Unicode. How do we write that.?


          1. Well,
            According to the software requirements, the latest version of Bijoy Bayanno supports all windows operating system including 32 and 64 bit.
            For Windows XP, you may need to update into Service Pack 3.
            Think is that , I have never tried it on Windows XP.

  3. I want to fill some forms like Birth Registration Form online. Could you please guide me how I can fill it in Bangla thru Bijoy Keyboard or Unicode Key System ?

  4. Pressing Ctrl+Alt+B can not change keyboard English to Bangla or Bangla to English.
    Please give me tips to change keyboard

    1. Activate Bijoy Keyboard and also set the font and then press “g s” and “g Shift s” .
      Please see the Bijoy Bangla typing guide part. It’s a PDF file and you can download it also 🙂
      Thank you.

  5. Bijoy Byanno te b g k thikmoto show kore na. Ata ki karone hochche. Shanto, boshonto aisob likhte parchina.

  6. Hi Shariar bhai,
    I’ve installed Bijoy Bayanno in my Windows 7 pc. While trying to write in MS Word the Bijoy Keyboard isn’t working properly. I mean if I press ‘J’ that should appear ‘Ka’ but it shows ‘La’. I tried Ctrl+Alt+B but it didn’t fix. Plz help.

    1. Hi Prince,
      It’s working fine, you just miss the font 🙂
      Please also set font Sutonny.MJ , Check out the above How to Set Bijoy Keyboard section for details

  7. Hi Shariar Bhai,

    Ami Bijoy Bayanno use kori. Bangla type korar somoy amar majhe moddhe Bangla-te “VAG” Symbol use korte hoy. Apni ki amake janaben kivabe ami eita use korbo.

  8. When I write in unicode mode using NIKOS fonts, I have some problems. specially I can not input “ref ” in bangla, but it works fine in ANSI sutonny fonts. How can I solve it? I use bijoy bayanno.

  9. Thanks a lot. Now I dont need to learn Bijoy right??

    I can type with avroo.. and transfer it to unicode software. Will there be any problem with this ???

    Thanks a lot

  10. I am very much your soft wear,last so many time i try to write my thinking in my mother language,but no proper soft wear fount.but your is sheepshanks u.

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