How to show hide files or Folders in windows

If you are an advance windows user, it is important to know how to show the hide files. It is important for protect your files and folder from virus and other abuse. But it is also important to know about hidden files before unhide them as many of them are system files and folders. For Example System Volume Information is always hidden as it is a system folder and used to store drive information. hiberfil.sys, Persi0.sys, bootmgr are the system file and you will find them as hidden in the drive where you installed your operating system.  Again NewFolder.exe is a hidden file and it is a virus.

Anyway now we are going to view the hide files and folders in our PC.

In windows XP: Open any Folder and choose tools from menu bar and then choose Folder option. Now a new dialog box will come to you and choose view. Now scroll down and choose “Shaw hidden files, folders and drives” . Now apply and OK. You can also do that from Control Panel.

In windows Seven: In windows seven, go to your control panel and then choose Folder Options. Now click to the view and then choose“Shaw hidden files, folders and drives”. Now choose Apply and then choose OK.

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