How to recover WP password installed on localhost

I was looking for how to recover WordPress password installed on localhost. I got a way to recover, You may like it. Well, let us know how to do that. First go to phpMyadmin and create another database. Copy a fresh copy of WordPress installation file on your htdocs and install another WordPress on your localhost. Remember the password used to the new WordPress installation as we will use it.

WP Admin Wrong Password
WP Admin Wrong Password

Again go to the phpMyadmin to access the your database.  Open the database that you created to install WordPress last time. Now open the wp_users table export it as sql file. We will replace this table to the database used for the old WordPress. Well, now open the old database used on the old WordPress and also open the wp_users table. Now drop(delete) the wp_users table from the old database. Now Import the wp_users table what you imported earlier form the new WordPress installation database. Now go to the wp-admin area for the old WordPress on your browser and use the same username and password what you used to install the new WordPress installation. Hope you got the idea. There is another way and I will let you know about that later…

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