Headphone Sound Problem in Windows Seven

Hello and welcome to shariarbd.com. Few days ago, I was facing problem on my computer with windows seven, And the issue was with sound as I was not able to get sound with my headphone. I thought that the problem may be with my headphone! And then tested with other device, head phone is okay. so, then I thought there might be some problem with windows settings. And then found the solution.

Now I am going to inform you the solution of headphone sound problem in windows seven. If your headphone does not work in windows seven.

We normally install windows seven and it automatically detect sound system of our machine. And that auto directed sound driver is no enough for your device sometime. In that case, Install the provided sound driver of your machine and this issue will solve. In my view, this is the best solution to update sound driver as it will work for both headphone and Speaker.

Another Solution of Headphone Sound Problem in Windows Seven

Well, there is another way in case if you don’t found the driver on your backup or with slow speed to download that, go to the control panel (Start >> Control Panel) of your windows operation system. Now find out the sound icon looks like the following image.
and then open it. If you do not found sound option, choose Large icons from category shown on the right top site of control panel.
and then choose open sound. After that, you will get the following dialog box.

Sound Dialog box of Windows Seven
Sound Dialog box of Windows Seven

Now choose Headphone from Playback tab and then set it as default for your sound system. Now sounds of Speaker is disable and headphone is ready to use. Enjoy your headphone with windows seven.

Note: Your Speakers sound will off after doing this. If you like to back to the previous settings, follow the same step and make Speakers as default.

You may also change your start up and shut down sound from sound tab. So friends, enjoy the sound of Windows Seven.

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