GP 3G Internet Settings for Smart Phone

Present generation is marked by the uses of Smart Phone. In Bangladesh 70% of mobile users have  a smart phone. Among them about 97% are the user of GSM service. So people use SIM services of the companies like Grameen phone, Banglalink, Roby etc. Due to the availability network and internet access people all over this country are likely to use GP internet service. So every now and then we want to search How to set gp internet in smart phone or android and in  iphone. So we are going to highlight on this topic named “GP 3G Internet setting for Smart phone.”

Smart Phone
Smart Phone

How to do 3G GP Internet Settings for Smart Phone

Step 1 

At first go to the Setting  option of your Smart phone. After that you will see the appearance of a menu in the screen.

Step 2

Among the options that come in the screen after clicking  the setting menu find the Wireless and Network option and select it.

Step 3

Again there will be appear different options like wifi setting, Bluetooth setting VPN setting etc. Now our duty is to find the option Mobile Network. 

Step 4

Now there will be appear some option like data roaming , set pocket data, etc. Search for the option named APN or Access Point Names and go  forward by selecting it.

Step 5 

Now select or tap on the New APN or Add New APN . Now  ttyables will appear and you will be asked to write a name. In the place of name write or type Internet. Then you have to write APN (Access Point Name). If you are a GP user just type or write gpinternet.

Step 6

Now go to APN Type and tap Internet. Tap OK. Again press Menu and tap the SAVE Option. Some devices requires reboot after changing  its setting if your device requires then do so.

Nice! You have successfully set your internet setting in your Smartphone. The general internet setting and the 3G internet setting are the same. Whether you can use 3G internet or not, It will depends one your package or bundle and Network support and mobile access.

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