Get Prepare to be a Microworker

Hi every body! How are you all? Today I am here to inform you something more about microworkers. I informed you before how to submit a work in and some tips about that. If you are a new microworker, I thank it will be helpful for you. Well, lets start..

microworkers is a small job site both for workers and employers. Now I am  talking about the workers. Before  you start working here, make sure that you have account in some social media sites like facebook, twitter, digg because you will find a lot of  job to post link or comment in social media site. Try to maximize your facebook friends or twitter followers. Be member of some forums as a lot of forum posting job are waiting for you. If you have good experience in English, it would be better as it is helpful to write or rewrite articles.  Create an youtube account as you may find job like review, subscribe and comment any video on youtube. Make a free website or blogsite. It would be better if you can buy a domain as most of  employers want to post there review of product in paid domain.

How will you get payment form microworkers? Microworkers support Paypal  , Moneybookers and alertpay. So, make sure you have account in any of one online banking system. One thing more, Microworkers will verify your local address before you get your first payment. So provide your real address to microworkers.

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    1. Yes, it is possible but not safe. One more, Microworks does not support More the one account per user and if they identify, account will be blocked. It's true and I sow someone who lost his verified account! So, don't try to do so...

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