Format Factory, A Powerful Multifunctional Media Converter

Format Factory
Format Factory

Every net user has a good idea about internet video and needs to convert.  Not only net user but mobile user also need to covert video files form one format to another because every mobile device cannot play same type of video.  I found a all square converter  called Format Factory  can convert any type of video files like mkv, flv, mp4, 3gp, wmv, mpeg and many more. Not only that, if you need to backup any boot able disk, it can convert them into iso or cso i.e image file. It can also convert any type of Picture (jpg, jpeg, gif….) or any audio(wav, mp3, mid..) files. Format Factory is a Freeware software and much user friendly. It supports windows xp, vista, seven and all for 32 bit. Download this software form here and continuously convert your media files. Some of my friends ask me about format factory ubuntu version. But I found no version for ubuntu. May be they will do it very soon.

8 thoughts on “Format Factory, A Powerful Multifunctional Media Converter”

  1. I downloaded formatfactory. It’s working really good. And it is much user friendly. Thanks to share this beautiful multifunctional media converter.

  2. for those using linux ubuntu, umótimo will result if you use the version of wine1.3 (wine kane). the opening of the factory format is a little slow, what he makes up for later, poi could convert mpeg to 3gp in less time than it takes in windows, remember that after converted to ubuntu, I tried on another machine with windows seven, and the result was very encouraging.

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