Filter Website URL/Link on D-Link DWR-116 Wireless Router

Hi, Do you think that you need to filter some website in your network! I am doing that with my D-Link Wireless Router 🙂 . I am using D-Link  DWR-116 Wireless Router and I am gonna show you how to Filter Website URL with  D-Link DWR-116 Wireless Router. It’s very easy,  You may see the following video to get the clear idea about that.

Or  just you have to follow some steps like following  after login to  your router.

Go to Advanced tab and then to URL Filter

Now you will have a place to add the sites URL or link what you want to filter. First enable the option and then add any sites URL what you want to filter.

And after adding URL, Save Settings.  Now your router is ready to filter or sometime you may need to reboot the router and then try the URL with your bowser.  In my case, I have filtered youtube 🙂
And if you think that time has come to release those URL, go to the same location and then unchecked and Save settings. All the steps are very simple 🙂

D-Link DWR-116 Wireless Router, you will have option upto 5 website to filter.

So, hope you got it! Enjoy 🙂

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