Evaluation of Customer Satisfaction of Beauty Parlour


Beauty parlor is one kind of service provider enterprise. It  has become a common phenomenon to the women who possess a golden opinion with advancement of civilization as regards beauty parlor. People are conscious about their health’s attractiveness and smartness now a day. They wants to beautify their body’s cuteness more than they achieve naturally. Beauty parlor provide such types of service. The popularity of beauty parlor is increasing day by day to the male and female indiscriminately age and race consequently. So necessity of beauty parlor is beyond measure now.

What is Beauty Parlor:

Letterlly, beauty means attractiveness, lovely, prettiness etc. on the otherhand, parlor means an ordinary room or house for sitting. But beauty parlor has another meaning jointly. Beauty parlor denotes any enterprise that helps to enlarge the attractiveness of human body.

Actually beauty parlor is service provider organizations that take care of human body and increase cuteness. It nurses specially of human skin. Recently there are some beauty parlors that provide service taking care of human figure.

Finally, we can say beauty parlors are service providing organization which sterilize ,take care, design and ultimately beautify the attractiveness of human body.

Parlor service in Rajshahi City:

There are two types of parlor.

  1. ladies parlor.
  2. Gents parlor.

In Rajshahi these two types of parlor are available. Gents parlors are not as popular as ladies parlor. So, we have studied about ladies parlor.

There are some female beauty parlors which are located in different location in Rajshahi city. The following are the several well-known beauty parlors

Name Location

1. Keya beauty parlor        Shaheb bazaar

2. Opshara                   RDA market Saheb bazaar

3. SHE beauty parlor         RDA market, Shaheb bazaar

4. Women’s Care              RDA market, Shaeb bazaar

5. ARISTOCRATE               kajla, motihar


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  1. Wow, Bangladeshi peoples are really nice. I visited Bangladesh more then one tome and they take care of their guest nicely. I love that guys.

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