Download and Use Norton Safe Web Lite

Norton Safe Web Lite
Norton Safe Web Lite

Norton Safe Web Lite is a web security notification tool from Symantec. If Norton Safe Web Lite is installed in your Computer System, it will add a bar on your web browser. When you will visit any site, Norton Safe Web Lite will inform you whether the site you are going to visit is safe for you or not. It has also search engine notification feature with the most popular web  search engine like google, yahoo, bing etc. When you will search any topic from google or bing or any web search engine,  it will add a notification icon with every web link provided to you by your search engine.

This application is free for the registered Norton Antivirus User. Norton Safe Web Lite can be downloaded from the following Link.

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  1. It's also working on my pc though i am not using norton antivirus on pc. Thanks bro! This web safety preview tool really beautiful tool.

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