Documentation page – Scroll top and bottom wordPress Plugin – Version 2.7

Scroll top and bottom version 2.7  has been released with all previous options. And added a new option to upload and use custom scroll top and bottom button. Have a look on the Documentation – Scroll Top and Bottom WordPress Plugin – Version 2.6 for the previous options and here I will discuss about the new option of version 2.7.

Version 2.7 of Scroll top and bottom wordpress plugin
Version 2.7 of Scroll top and bottom WordPress plugin

Well, in the version 2.7 we have added custom image button option and now you can choose any button of your choose and upload in into your server via media uploader and insert it into the url field. And all you have done 🙂

Let’s see the steps

1. Choose Custom Buttons

2. Hit on Upload Button of Up Button location, following media up-loader will appear in front of you.

Custom button uploader for scroll top and bottom WP Plugins
Custom button up loader for scroll top and bottom WP Plugins

3.  Drop the up button file or select file.

4. Once file upload complete, Scroll down and hit on Insert into Post,  Up button upload complete and the url of that button is now on the button location filed.

5. follow 1-4 to upload Down button and set URL on the button location filed.

Now update and enjoy 🙂

Again for all previous options please have a look on the Documentation – Scroll Top and Bottom WordPress Plugin – Version 2.6 . If you have any suggestion or query regarding this plugins, please leave a comment that i can improve it.

15 thoughts on “Documentation page – Scroll top and bottom wordPress Plugin – Version 2.7”

  1. hi,
    had some issue making your plugin working with wordpress 3.9
    Some conflict with jquery.
    had to change your code and made it working (i miss a js file to, js/stab_admin.js not in the directory so cant load new image for rows in backoffice).
    send me a mail i will send you the code i use to make it work

    1. Hi,
      Thanks so much to detect the issue, by mistake I missed the file js/stab_admin.js .
      I have uploaded it on WP directory and now the image uploader is working.
      I am waiting for your code that made it workable. Please have a look on your inbox.
      I’ll release an update after your reply.
      Thank you.

  2. Hello,
    It would be great if you could add a stop function when moving the pointer onto the screen. Since I do not speak jquery then I do not know how to insert such a comand neither where to. :+) Help if you please.

    Thank you



  4. Hi, beautiful plugin in the demo! However, in de settingspage of the plugin I cannot find the jQuery enable/disable buttons. It doesn’t work at my site the way it should…

    1. Hi Nicoline,
      Actually Now the plugin it self call the jQuery from WordPress and that’s why i have removed the option to control custom jQuery control option. But in the old version, the option is still available. You may try the older version of scroll top and bottom at . Please Make sure that the WordPress function wp_head() and wp_footer() are included on your theme.

      If you have still the same problem. Please let me know.


  5. is it possible to move the buttons to the Left or center, rather that all the way over on the right?
    They are largely unnoticed over there,

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