Create a WordPress Post or Full Database Backup on Your Hard Drive

We know what is backup and  its importance. Now we are going to create a backup of Database of wordpress.  To do this, you need to access your site cPanel (Control Panel).  Well, then type (your site's cpanel), put user name and password and then open it.

Now click to phpMyAdmin from Database panel. phpMyAdmin will open in a new tab with-in a few second. Now click to your wordpress datebase name. If you installed wordpress from Fantastico  DE Luxe your database name could be your cpanel user name underscore wrdp1 (username_wrdp1 (xx) ) or if you installed wordpress manually, you know what is your used database name. If you like to make full database backup,  choose Export. By default SQL radio button will selected and it is better to take a backup in sql format as it is helpful to upload it again. If you like to  take the backup in other format, choose the format (you may also get it in zipped or gzipped format)  and then click to Go button.   Wait a  few second, it will give you a sql file to save, save it on your hard disk.

If you like to take a backup of posts of wordpress, choose  wp_posts from the left sidebar of phpMyAdmin. Now follow the same   process as above to download the WordPress Post Backup. You may also take backup of your wordpress comments or others.

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