Change Disk Drive Letter of your Computer

What is Drive Letter? Open  "My Computer" of your computer. You will find some letter  inside the Bracket for example Volume_Name(C:), Volume_Name(D:), Volume_Name(E:) etc.. Here Volume_Name is the name of the Drive or Volume you assign and (C:), (D:) etc are the Drive letter. Actually Drive Letter assignment is the process to assigning alphabetical identifiers to physical or logical disk drives or  Disk partitions. Drive Letter is also a address of your files or program in your computer. For example, you want to add font, go to run and type C:\windows\fonts\ and then enter. This opens up the fonts folder. Look C: is the drive letter of C Drive \Windows\ and \Font\ to folder and font folder is inside the windows folder.

OK guys, we are now going to know how to change disk drive letter of computer both on windows seven and windows xp. First Right click upon your computer(My computer) icon and then choose Manage. Computer management window will come to you and then choose disk management from left side.  You will find the list of your disk partition in the right site.  Select the drive what you want to change the drive letter and  Right click upon it. Then  choose "Change Drive Letter ....", Remember, do not choose Format as is just next to the "Change Drive Letter......." and it may cause to loss your valuable data. Because Format used to Reset any volume/Disk drive to use and it vanish all the data hold on the drive.

Well, after choosing "Change Drive Letter and Paths..." a new dialog box will come to you with three option. Choose the "Change" option. A new dialog box will come and see the drop down button in the top right side of the box having the drive letter. Click upon the drop down button and choose any drive letter. Now choose OK and you will face a notification. Choose Yes and it will change your selected drive letter.

Note: Do not change the drive letter which contain your operating system, By default, C: Drive is for system. Also if you install any program to other drive, do not change it also as it may cause to stop access those program.  So,guys control disk drive letter  of your xp/vista/7 operating system your self.

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