BitLocker Drive Encryption Lock your Drive

Bit Locker is a default application of Windows seven and it is used to lock drive for security. I am using Bit Locker with my windows seven. I like its working system.

How it works?
It will lock your drive with password and protect your data. Actually this application convert all data of a drive into code. If you want to unlock the protected drive, you need to use the right password. If you forget password you may use recovery key.

How to Protect?
Right click upon any unprotected drive of your computer and then choose “Turn on BitLocker….” . A new box will appear saying “Starting BitLocker”, Please wait……. and then it will give you some options like how you want to unlock your drive., Choose “Use a password to unlock the drive”  and  then type your password in the given box. And then choose Next.  Another box will come to you saying “How do you want to store your recovery key?” Choose what you want and and then save it for future. It is important to recover the password if you forget it. Well, again next and then Start Encrypting. It will take few minute.

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