Search word more than one file at a time

We use office files in our home and office regularly and every files contain huge information. Sometimes we need to find some  specific word or information from that files. But it is really disgusting to find the word or information from the file choosing one by one.  It would be better if we do it more easily, I mean if we do it without opening any file.  Well, now I will show you the way to search word or information from more than one file at a time with Basic File Search.

Basic File Search
Basic File Search

Open any office program like Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word and then choose “File Search” form File menu. Now see in the right side of the program. A new pen will open known as Basic File Search. Now in the Search text field type the word or words what you want to search. Go to Other Search Option and Select the location where you do like to search ( Say you like to search all file of your document folder or you like to search in your computer) and then choose the file types from the “Results should be:”. Now click to Go button. Wait and see. What does it return!? I think you like this tips! Take care…

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