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Ultimate CSS Pricing Tables Will lead 2016

The upcoming year 2016 will be introduced many pricing table. Some will be zigzag, some of them may be animated with 3D effect. But they will not touch the mind of those person who has a elegant and classic taste in their heart. The pricing tables which have won the universal taste and time will be displayed here. We are saying this, "The ultimate CSS Pricing tables will lead 2016".

Top 8 CSS Pricing tables will lead 2016 

Bellow we have selected top 3 CSS Pricing Tables for you to make your elegant choice.

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Download your GP Flexi Plan and Be Benefited

Are you thinking about your mobile expenses? Do you want to get Internet and talk time, SMS and Validity within a short amount of money? Do you want to budget your own mobile expenses? Do you want to send a surprise gift of mobile talk time and Internet validity to your kith and kin?

If in all questions the answer is in 3 letters (YES).  GP(Grameen Phone) has opened the opportunity to avail your own plan with the help of GP Flexi Plan Service.

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How to Stop Facebook Autoplay Videos

Your Social Media Is Now Attacked By Autoplay Videos!!!

Now-a-days when a video appear in your Facebook timeline it automatically starts running or playing.  Alike Facebook other social medias including twitter are also in the same condition.

These lead us to some kind of irritating and embarrassing situations. For an example if someone shared a video of an road accident which can be nasty, dangerous and bloody. And containing the images of boosted stomach of human with blood and stool. What will happen to you while you are starting your day with a good mood?? Rather going for  vomiting or Nausea, we would better stop the auto play of Facebook.

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Stop BanglaLink promotional message

Now a days all the mobile operators of Bangladesh, like BanglaLink, Robi,  GrammeenPhone, start sending Promotional message every day to their customer. Sometime more then 5 sms in a day!.  It's really disturbing issue for me and think for others too!

To Stop the promotional SMS of banglaLink, I just got a message from them.  And it is like below

To Stop BanglaLink promotional message Type OFF in your message box and send it to 6121.

So, you can try it out. But don't know how long it will work as for Grameenphone promotional message  I have send sms to stop it. Few days, it was fine.  After few days, again same issue. Same style, regular promotional ads, promotional offers of various services and  products of them.

GP 3G Internet Settings for Smart Phone

Present generation is marked by the uses of Smart Phone. In Bangladesh 70% of mobile users have  a smart phone. Among them about 97% are the user of GSM service. So people use SIM services of the companies like Grameen phone, Banglalink, Roby etc. Due to the availability network and internet access people all over this country are likely to use GP internet service. So every now and then we want to search How to set gp internet in smart phone or android and in  iphone. So we are going to highlight on this topic named "GP 3G Internet setting for Smart phone." Continue reading GP 3G Internet Settings for Smart Phone