Advantages of Sericulture

1. Sericulture played a vital role in moving wealth from rich elegance to the bad part of the society. Silk i smostly fed on through the prosperous elegance and the worth is sent some of the farmers, investors weavers, twisters and reelers. the major percentage is going to cocoon growers(54) following through traders (18%), weavers (12%), twisters(nine) and reelers (7%).

2. Generate employment chance in the rural space An hectare o mulberry cultivation create remunerative employment to twelvethirteen individuals all the way through the year and this is very low, 34 individuals in the cultivation of any other money crop.

3. Employment chance in sericulture task for on hectare of land is set 41/2 guy days, out of which 2116 guydays i.e., approximately 53 paintings are of light nature, which preferably suits for the engagement of women folk in this industry

4. Mulberry is cultivated under irrigated condition . however being a troublesome deep rooted plant, it can also be raised under rainfed condition with minimum rainfall of 500 mm.

5 Mulberry is a perennial crop with brief gestation duration status quo and upkeep are simple and calls for low investment . once mumberry tree is based a rearer may just be able to harvest leaf for commercial of silkworm shape 30-35 years with minimum upkeep cost

6. Silkworm rearing for conversion of mulberry leaf into silk is a straightforward rearing practice and do not call for high technical revel in

7. The product, i.e silk cocoon has a in a position marketplace which provide upper source of revenue over other money crop.

8. Sericulture is a toply priceeffective crop since the production rateis top against a minimum expenditure.

9. the application required for this industry is very simple and can also be produced in the community and no imported apparatus are needed

10. trained early life running force in the rural area may just get the scope of self-employment thru this profession

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