Add Font in Menubar of Microsoft Word

Guys, today I will tell you how to add font in menubar of Microsoft Office Program. This is important when you need to use more than one font in any Microsoft Word file. So, let’s start ……

First open the Microsoft Word program and then click to View>Toolbars>Customize (The short way to access the customize is : Right click upon any toolbar and choose Customize.. from the bottom of the pop up menu). Now choose the Commands and then scroll the left scroll bar and choose Fonts. Now see in the right side of the dialog box, you will find all the installed font list. Choose the font (what you like to add into menu bar) and drag it into the menu bar.

Suppose you like to add “Times New Roman”.  Then scroll and choose it from the left side of the Customize dialog box and drag it into the menu bar. After finishing, close the Customize Dialog Box.  What you see?  The font is added to your menu bar. Well, choose another font and drag it into the menu bar.

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