Active GP My Zone

Grameenphone offer My Zone to all GP number. What is My Zone? It’s a discount system when you call to other GP number from your GP number. But it is not fixed. For nokia phone, active cell info display from settings and you will see the discount on your screen.  to view this service in Samsung Phone, go to massage option and then active the Broad  Cast Message. You may get discount from 0% to 83% or up.

How to active it? Take your phone on hand and press *666*1# and dial. It is out of cost to activate it. May be it is the one and only one offer from GP without cost.

Note: It will deactivate all offer or package when you will active My Zone. Do not worry, when you will deactivate My Zone, it will automatically back to your previous package.

To deactivate My Zone press *666*9# and dial.

6 thoughts on “Active GP My Zone”

  1. Hello There
    Greetings! I had activated My Zone whilst my tariff plan was Smile. After that I switched to shohoj tariff plan; but GP is charging around Tk.2.00/min when discount ain’t available [frequently it doesn’t]. I want to discontinue with this so-called discount system. According to your suggested number…. it just ain’t working!!…

    Now, what to do?


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