Download your GP Flexi Plan and Be Benefited

Are you thinking about your mobile expenses? Do you want to get Internet and talk time, SMS and Validity within a short amount of money? Do you want to budget your own mobile expenses? Do you want to send a surprise gift of mobile talk time and Internet validity to your kith and kin?

If in all questions the answer is in 3 letters (YES).  GP(Grameen Phone) has opened the opportunity to avail your own plan with the help of GP Flexi Plan Service.

What is GP Flexi Plan?

Grameen phone offers its customer to choose their own bundle of Internet, Talk Time, SMS and Validity. This is called GP Fexi Plan.

How can get use of GP Flexi Plan ?

It is very simple to get GP Fexi Plan.  From now by entering any subscriber can choose their own  GP Flexi Plan.

Process of Selecting GP Flexi Plan?

At first,  go to .  A page like the below image will be appear on your screen.

GP Flexi Plan
GP Flexi Plan

Now please take look on the above image. There are 4 options in it.

1. Talk Time

You can choose your talk time 0 mn, 10mn, 30mn, 50mn, 75mn, 100mn and 500 mn (maximum) . Select any one of them and see in the right side to look on your savings and Tariff (amount). You also have opportunity to choose your talk time for any network and GP-GP. The rate of two option also varied. GP-GP is more saver than the tariff of Any Network.

2. Internet 

You are suggested to opt your internet volume here. You can select according to your need. There are 12 options of taking your internet volume. you can choose 0 MB to 8 GB internet volume. This volume rate will be synchronized with the rate of the talk time that you have already selected.

3. Validity

It is very interesting option for the subscriber. He or she can select his package validity that has been started with minimum 1 day to maximum 30 days. There are option of taking 7 day and 15 days validity two. The price will varied according to its validity limit.

4. SMS

Some times SMS plays vital role in case of communication. There is an option of choosing a number of SMS. There are option of selecting 0 to 1000 SMS bundle. If some one does not want of SMS he/ she can choose the 0 option. If a subscriber needs small amount of SMS he can choose 10, 50 and 100 bundles.

The Tariffs

The tariff will always be varied according to your selection. For an example if you you select 10 mn (talk time) + 10 MB (Internet) + 7 days (Validty) and 100 SMS your tariff will be only TK: 26.91 (including  SD and VAT). It will save you 66% less than the normal tariff.

Now What Next!  write the mobile number on the box that has been mentioned in the below image by numbering it as 1.

Process of Buying GP Flexi Plan
Process of Buying GP Flexi Plan

After entering the number click on the continue button. In the above picture that has been marked by 2 number.

Now you will have a pin code on your mentioned mobile number. Please enter the number like the following image:

Buy your GP Flexi Plan
Buy your GP Flexi Plan

At last press the Agree and Continue Button. If the Pin number is correct and you have sufficient balance on your mobile you will be able to get the opportunity to download your flexy plan!!!

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  1. Hello,
    I got a GP offer SMS that says I will receive 1GB Data in 98 TK. But the time duration is only 7 days !. How do I increase the validity date of that data?

    1. Hi,
      You can easily increase your internet volume validity date. Just see the above process and go to the url given above. You will be able to do it by your own 🙂

  2. But you d'nt know about recently flexiplan.. .. There are no benefit on never take more than 2gb data. Its veri costly.....!

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